This place is shuttered and closed and we're never, ever getting back together. Waaaaah!

Where I Shop | Tuesdays on the Run

When you are a runner, you know you need gear. And lots of it. Today’s Tuesdays on the Run is all about shopping. How do you shop? Where do you “run” to when you need a last minute item? Do you have a favorite local running store or are you particular to online one stop […]

Disneyland FastPass+

First Look at Disneyland FastPass+

I’ll admit I held my breath as I scrolled through the news. Please don’t make it complicated. Please don’t make it complicated. It sounds like the rumors are true: Disneyland FastPass+ is coming.   First Look Unlike the Walt Disney World version, this FastPass+ will offer same day bookings. Nothing will be available to book […]

Animal Kingdom Lodge Animals

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort Review

This past February I had the opportunity to stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge for the second time. That first time was impressive. It was wonderful and beautiful, but it was brief as we only stayed one night. That’s hardly enough time to get comfortable in your room much less take advantage of all the […]

Justin Timberlake It's Gonna Be May It's May

It’s Gonna Be May | Mondayish Memes

It’s gonna be May. Okay, it IS May. So it’s a day late. And it’s not quite Monday. This memes post is already total rubbish, right? Right. But I’m sharing my favorite It’s Gonna Be May memes anyway. Because: JT. Hellloooo… Do I need to explain? Maybe I do.  Apparently some folks were clueless to what […]


Update: It’s Live! runDisney Virtual 5K, Anyone?

ETA 4.28.16.  You can read all about the series of virtual races here. There have been some rumors going around the past couple weeks about this one. We finally have some proof it’s in the works, thanks to our favorite intern Skippy. (Skippy is our pet name for the CM who makes all the mistakes […]

running argument you can fear of failure

Thoughts About the “F-Word”: Failure

Failure: it’s a harsh word. As runners, we often attach it onto a poor performance. As a mom, I often give it a hashtag and try to make a joke of things. Failing at something mostly sucks, that’s for sure. No one likes to see it happen, right? A friend’s recent experience and her thoughts […]

Swag Disney races

Dream Race Swag | Tuesdays on the Run

Tuesdays on the Run topic this week: your dream race swag. What would you like to see in your next swag bag at a race? Are you tired of shirts and want to see something a little different? Go ahead, dream BIG. Here’s your chance to tell us what would be cool to find at […]

ribbons luke

Mom Monday | Do I Know Where My Kids Are?

Imma gonna do some bragging on my kiddo. Because that’s what I do on Mom Mondays from time to time. And in real Shenanigans fashion, I’ll also be outing myself as a terrible mother in the same post. Okay, maybe not terrible. But there’s certainly room for improvement here. I’ll start with my confession. I, […]