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Esprit de She Giveaway Winners

We’ve got winners to announce in the Esprit de She giveaway! And a reminder if you didn’t win but still want to run Mesa- use my code!  Get 15% off on me. Now winners, I’m going to need some quick turn around on these prizes.  I’m picking 6 winners.  First winner will get first choice, […]

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Monday Memes | Brought to You By National Coffee Day

It’s Monday. We all hate it. What makes it better? Coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee. Even better than coffee?  FREE coffee. Let’s all celebrate September 29th, aka, National Coffee Day. Get out there and snag your freebies from Mc Donald’s, Dunkin Donuts, & Krispy Kreme. Some Starbucks stores are offering free tastings…. errr… lame […]

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Sum It Up Sunday | Shenanigans Loses It

And by loses it, I mean…. loooosseesssss itttttt. My Mojo.  My discipline.  My miles.  My ability to clean.  My curler pins. That last one was the icing on the cake, y’all. Flashback to last week.  I was going along just fine, blogging 3-4 times a week, selling my beloved Jamberry, running 3-4 times a week, […]


Runner’s Bling Winners

Thank you all for playing along with my giveaways! I love doing them and it seems like you love winning things, amiright? I only made you wait an extra week for this announcement (details… details!) The winners of the fantastic Runner’s Bling vinyl giveaways are: Katie gets first pick, then Kari and Erika, my love, […]

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ESPRiT de SHE Giveaway | Tuesdays on the Run

I swear it’s still Monday.  But apparently, it’s not.  So that means it’s time for Tuesdays on the Run. Your hosts April, Erika and I welcome you to our link up! This week we are talking about “other than road” races: do you run obstacles, color runs, Ragnars, trails, etc?  We want to hear what […]


Pardon the Interruption: Technical Issues

My 2010 Dell has decided 4 years is enough. Possibly. I’m throwing pixie dust all over this bad boy in the hopes things can be reversed. In the meantime, I’m reduced to blogging by phone. Doable but not ideal. It takes 3 times as long for me to compose a post. I ain’t got time […]