Run With Me: I Have Bunnies

Do you ever wonder what goes through a runners head? I do. Take super peppy happy runner lady today.  She was bouncing along with a huge smile on her face as I passed her on my way to the trail.  30 minutes later, she was still super happy peppy as she bounced past me on […]

TM heat

Dealing With the Heat | Galloway Blogger Tips

You know I love living in Arizona, but the heat during the summer. My word, the HEAT! It’s a real challenge as a runner to keep going when all you want to do is this: I won’t lie, I’ve considered it. I learned my lesson last year:  an end of summer half marathon is NOT […]


Work Your Core, They Said | Tuesdays On the Run

A lot of new runners make the mistake of thinking running is just, well, running. As we know, it’s not!  Tuesdays on the Run is dedicating today to talking about your core and your core workouts. Tell us what you like the most, or least, about working those muscles.  Better yet, show us your core […]


Monday Memes

I just wrote a long post in the Sum It Up Sunday vein of thought- and my computer ate it. #WhompWhomp So instead of trying to go back and start over, I figured I’d go with some funnies.  Because we all need to laugh sometimes, right? Short story:  I’ve had a lot of family visiting lately! […]

Jake and Luke swings

This Race is For Jacob | Tuesdays on the Run

Tuesdays on the Run topic: alternatives to traditional medicine. As runners, we get injured and we look for any option to get us back on the road, right?  Have you resorted to anything outside the usual western medicine means to fix you right up? Acupuncture, chiropractors, oils, voodoo (ha!)… anything along those lines?  If so, […]

Do-Or-Do-Not-There-Is-No-Try 1

7 Steps to Medal Envy | Allied Medal Hanger Giveaway

A couple weeks ago I was looking at my medal hanger and realized something. Something my Visa had been telling me CLEARLY but I had not quite yet caught up to. Racing season is around the corner- and my hanger was already out of room! This just would not do. First up: Disneyland 5K & […]

Ant-Man | Review

Marvel’s Ant-Man opens in theaters nationwide today. Full disclosure on my nerd-limits:  I didn’t know a whole lot about this movie.  I knew it starred Paul Rudd and that he shrunk to the size of an ant… and that was about it.  It was really all I needed to know though. Because:  Paul Rudd. He’s […]

resort discounts

Walt Disney World Room Resort Discounts

What follows Princess Half Marathon registration day? Book Your Princess Resort Day, of course! And I’m here to help. My travel agent partner, Jennifer Greene with Destinations in Florida, has rooms for ALL the remaining races. You do NOT have to be a runner to take advantage of these rates- they just happen to fall […]