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Log Off, Shut Down Virtual Race Re-Cap

Disclosure:  As a Gone For a Run Ambassador, I was given free entry to this virtual race. Time is in short supply around here. Baseball, y’all, is about to do me in.  In case you missed my whining on Facebook and Instagram (oh heck- and Twitter!) we’ve been sucked into the Little League schedule from hell.  Three […]

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Best Race EVER! | Tuesdays on the Run

 We are talking about the best race we’ve ever run for the Tuesdays on the Run topic. Come link-up with hosts April, Erika, and me below.  It only takes a second to add your post. If you don’t want to talk about your best race, feel free to add any running related post! Best Race EVER! […]


Five Ways to Get Faster | Jeff Galloway Blogger Tips

Jeff Galloway sent me some of his invaluable tips over the weekend.  If you are looking to train smarter and improve your speed, you’ll want to incorporate these techniques into your training. The first and last suggestion elicited a long groan from me on a Monday morning…big time.   But I know he’s right.   […]


Avengers: Age of Ultron | Review

They got the band back together and just in time for summer. The Avengers fly into theaters today in the new movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. I caught a preview of the movie in IMAX 3D earlier this week with Mr. Shenanigans to celebrate his birthday. You know I’m a fan of the genre so I’m […]

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Four Ways To Energize Your Day & Clear Your Brain | Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway is my go-to guy when it comes to all things running.  If you ever get the chance to chat with him before or after a race, I am sure you will agree he is just the most peaceful runner around. I trust his suggestions.  I’ve just got put them into practice! These tips […]

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Katie K Active Ambassador | Tuesdays on the Run

It’s getting hot out there.  Here in Arizona we are looking at temps in the 90s. All. Week. Long. What do you wear outside when the temps rise? Are you ditching the tights and pants and heading out in shorts and tanks? It’s Tuesdays on the Run and we need your best warm weather running outfit suggestions! […]


Walt Disney World 2015 Fall Discounts Announced

This Monday is starting off right: the rumors are true! Two fall discounts were announced this morning for Walt Disney World.  These offers are extremely limited!  Get in touch with Jennifer Greene asap to book your room. First up: Free Dining! Details from Walt Disney World website: A Free Dining plan is included when you […]


Fall Free Dining RUMORS | Be Prepared

Update: rumors no more.  Here’s all the details for the fall 2015 discount offers.  Everyone wants to know when the Free Dining promotion will happen at Walt Disney World. And this year there’s a VERY strong discussion about it going on in cyberspace with rumors saying it’s happening soon. Very soon. As in TOMORROW for the Visa […]