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2014 Runners Gift Guide | Tuesdays on the Run

Welcome back to Tuesdays on the Run with me, April from Run the Great Wide Somewhere, and Erika from MCM Mama Runs.   Are you looking to buy something for the runner in your life?  Maybe making your own list and checking it twice?  Lucky you:  today’s topic is Gift Guides for Runners.  Our runner friends […]

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Monday Memes | Moms Panel and Marathon

You know those weeks that nothing seems to fall into place for you? Yep, I had one of those. The great news is: last week is OVAH and I’m ready to move forward. Moms Panel Search Update I wasn’t chosen. Again. Should we move on?  Should we let it go? Let’s discuss. 1.  I’m thrilled […]

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Taste and Convenience | Atkins Update

I will confess up front: I did not follow Atkins when I was at Disneyland for the Avengers Half Marathon. I had that amazing Brioche French Toast served with a side of eggs at Flo’s V8 Cafe. Because it’s AMAZING. But other than that slip, I did a pretty honest job of trying to make […]

5K Avengers 1

Inaugural Avengers 5K Race Re-Cap

Last weekend was the Inaugural Avengers  Weekend and I signed up for both races. If it’s new and has shiny (plastic) bling, yes, I’d like some please! The immediate days leading up to this race were crazy for me.  I didn’t have anything together and had my Disney Parks Moms Panel interview scheduled right before […]

Just Dance 2

Just Dance 2015 Review

Around here we try to stay active in both mind and body. When we aren’t playing a sport, we are playing games of another sort: video games. I resisted them, I’ll admit.  I was not a fan of my kids sitting in front of the TV all day logging hours of “screen time.”  I know […]


Pretty Sure We Weren’t in Kansas | Tuesdays on the Run

This week on Tuesdays on the Run we want to talk about weather. What are the worst conditions you were forced to race in?  Wind, rain, cold, hail or snow… we want to hear about the time you were still a GO! Erika, April and I are thrilled to have you along this week. Come […]