2016 Race Bling

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We might do it for the bling- but seriously, why wouldn’t we? It’s a pretty sweet reward after a hard run effort.

This week on Tuesdays on the Run we are showing off our 2016 race bling. Mine is all runDisney (NOT a big shocker) except for three local races. And that might be 3x’s as many as I ran last year, so hey, it’s an improvement!

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2016 Race Bling

I counted down in reverse because my first bling of 2016 is my BEST bling. But I loved each of these races for various reasons and the medals still make me smile. I guess running isn’t all THAT bad, eh?






No really. They have cookies. #darkside #starwars #carrotcakecookie #hollywoodstudios #darksidechallenge

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And my #1 bling on the year: I still can’t believe this happened.

What a challenge earning this was for me!


So looking back, I can admit that 2016 was a fun year. It was nowhere near my most successful year, but it was one where I learned a lot. Even when I didn’t want to run, I usually ended up appreciating something about the run. Even if it was the shiny medal at the very end.

Even when I didn’t want to run, I usually ended up appreciating something about the run. And sometimes it was the shiny medal at the very end. I do love a good medal!

What was your favorite bling this year?

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  1. Coveting all that Star Wars bling!

  2. Those Disney medals are amazing!

  3. I want a death star cookie to go with that Star Wars bling!

  4. Congrats on your races! Disney medals are awesome! I have never ran any of the Star Wars races. I like how you displayed your Princess ones.

  5. For someone who doesn’t run a lot, you sure rack up the bling! And I’m kind of envious — I have so little — most of the races i do don’t have bling.

    Love the Star Wars medals!

  6. Wow- those are some impressive medals! I’ve never done a Disney race- it’s fun to see your bling. Congrats on a really awesome year in running!

  7. Wow the Disney medals never fail to impress me 🙂 Congrats an a great 2017!

  8. I love love love that shot of the marathon medal and the castle in the back ground!!!

    What a great year of racing and bling!!
    It is such a nice reward after all the hard work and training!

  9. I want to go after the Light Side 10k medal. I loved the Tink 10k at DL, and want to do another 10k out there.

  10. Run Disney does make the best medals. 🙂 I love that Doctor Strange medal!

  11. I love how most of your medal pics feature food or drink! 🙂

  12. You earned some nice medals this year! And its always good to learn something from a run, but a medal is definitely a nice reward even if you don’t have a great run!

  13. Run Disney just has the best medals. Period. I did three races this year at Disney: Princess HM, Star Wars Dark Side Challenge and Wine n Dine 10k. I have a few scheduled for next year too. I’ll finally be getting that Kessel Run Challenge medal! Every year I say I’m going to take a break from Disney because they are so expensive, but every year I obviously am lying about that 😉

  14. Very nice bling indeed ! I am counting the days until I can sign up for the Disneyland Paris half marathon in Sept. 2017. Registration doesn’t open until spring…. grrrr.

    Have a great holiday Patty and thank you for the link up.

  15. *Sigh.* I’m not a big Star Wars fan, but I adore that #kesselrunchallenge medal! And the Captain America 5k is pretty sweet, too. They both make me want to try a Star Wars or Super Heroes race weekend!

  16. That is an amazing year of bling! I am a big fan of Disney races and they certainly never disappoint with their medals. It is where I earned my first marathon medal in January 2016. Like you, I think it is the most special of the year for me.


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