Spring Races | Tuesdays on the Run

Spring is just around the corner: is your PR there too? This week on Tuesdays on the Run we are talking about our Spring race calendars. Whatcha got going on? Let us know what you are training for and where you will be running the next couple of months! Don’t forget to link up with Erika, Marcia […]

6 Kid Approved California Theme Parks to Visit

Hey, parents, I hate to be the one to break it to you. Spring Break & Summer vacation plans: let’s discuss. Both will be here before you and I know it, and having kids laying around the house proclaiming, “I’m borrreeeddd” is never a good thing. Obviously. Just as obvious is the answer to Spring […]

5 Reasons Moms Should Travel With Girlfriends

I’m recently back from my annual girlfriends only travel weekend. We hit up Orlando and did it RIGHT with visits to both Disney World and Universal Studios (if you are only going to one- you are missing half the fun!). I’ve been doing this every year since 2011 and it’s become one of my most anticipated […]

2017 Beauty and the Beast Review

Before I get to the “Beauty and the Beast” review, a little background about why I love this story so much. When I walked into my not-yet-boyfriend/now husband’s apartment in 1992, one of the first things I noticed was the brand new VHS copy of “Beauty and the Beast” sitting next to his television. He […]

Your Easter Bunny is My BEC

UPDATE for 2017: It’s March, which means the Easter season is just around the corner. I’m republishing this one to maybe (?) hopefully (?) head some of this nonsense off before it starts. See “St. Patrick’s Day Rant” below.  Originally published March 27, 2016. Before President BEC was elected. Lawdy, y’all…this guy! And I’m a […]

2017 runDisney Dark Side Dooneys

It’s as if a million voices cried out at once… GASP. Feeling a little Dark? Then these are the bags for you. I’m not a big Dooney person, but the Force is strong here. Want the bags? Run the Dark Side! And yes, I still have a few bibs left. Let me know if you […]

96.9 Things I Miss From Arizona

On this Monday-est of all Wednesdays, I’m sharing a little random. Basically, this is me avoiding all the laundry, dishes, dirty bathrooms, and all the unpacking that follows my annual trip to the Princess Half Marathon. There is one thing I miss above all other from Arizona since the move, and it’s probably not what […]

Princess Half Marathon Costume Reveal

Here we go, Princesses! I’m packed, I’m drinking my coffee, and I’m heading to the airport in a few minutes for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon weekend. You know this is a favorite race weekend, even when it makes me roll my eyes a bit. Why does this race give so much drama? Who knows?! […]

The Nintendo Switch: Anytime, Anywhere

While I’m not a huge gamer, my kids sure are. Especially the 45-year-old one I’m married to. Ahem. When we were offered a chance to check out the new Nintendo Switch we jumped at the offer. Okay, everyone else jumped and I reluctantly agreed. I was pleasantly surprised with what I learned about this new […]

2017 Disneyland Half Marathon Theme Reveal

Remember when one complaint about runDisney was the lack of variety in medals and themes? Complaints heard and addressed with a new theme for the 2017 Disneyland Half Marathon revealed today. Pixar will be featured at the 2017 Disneyland Half Marathon, including UP, The Incredibles, Monsters, Inc, and all the Pixar friends.   Sounds like […]