Disneyland’s MaxPass Closes Loopholes

FastPass MaxPass at Disneyland is scheduled to roll out on the 19th of July. Say goodbye to the traditional FastPass and hello to the digital age. This optional paid program allows guests to book Disney FastPass reservations through the Disneyland Resort app and allows unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads for the day. Sounds pretty good, no? […]

Disneyland Halloween 2017 Starts September 15

Listen up all you ghouls and gals: it’s almost time for Disneyland Halloween 2017. Halloween Time, the official name of the season, starts on September 15th and here is a quick rundown of some special events!   HAUNTED MANSION HOLIDAY & SPACE MOUNTAIN GHOST GALAXY Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy are back! […]

Why I Travel to Disney (Again and Again and Again)

I’m in California, dropping my kids off with my sister and getting ready to travel to Disneyland for the D23 Expo. Yes, I am leaving them here, and no, they really do not care. The kids are not even remotely sad about not coming with me. They are at Camp Aunt Karen’s! Trust me: it’s […]

Amazon Prime Day Deals for Runners & Travelers | Tuesdays on the Run

My No-Guilt Life participates in the Amazon Affiliate program. Any purchases made through a link on this site will send a little money my way. Thanks in advance!  Talking about the gear you might have bought for running, but you use for other things. Share what you use on a day to day basis! Bonus […]

Hey Hey Hey! | Sum It Up Sunday

I’m just a girl, sitting in front of her computer, avoiding the 1,000,000 things I *should* be doing to prepare for the next week. Hi, guys. So Sum It Up Sunday is happening because writing for 30 minutes will help me justify putting off #allthelaundry for 30 more minutes. I’ll be honest: it’s been sitting […]

Quick Tips to the 2017 D23 Expo For a Newbie

I just unpacked my 4th of July suitcase and I’m already prepping it for next week’s travels. The time is almost here to head to the west coast again (oh my gosh, y’all, I’ve missed it so!) and I couldn’t be more excited about the 2017 D23 Expo kicking off next week!This summer is slam […]

Running on the 4th Of July | Tuesdays on the Run

Tuesdays on the run happens to coincide with the 4th of July this year. Awesome! What do you have planned today? Are you getting out early or planning to run with a view of fireworks later tonight? Let us know what 4th of July running looks like to you! Don’t forget to link up with Erika, Marcia and me too! […]

Funny 4th of July Monday Memes

My fellow Americans, The 4th of July is right around the corner. Some of us are already kicking off the festivities with early celebrations. (Guilty!). It’s the day we celebrate living in the land of the free and the home of the brave. With lots of food. Lots of family and friends. And booze. And […]

Walt Disney World Marathon Training Tips

Running the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2018? Today starts your 29-week Galloway training. Here are some marathon training tips (not to do) for your first marathon. It’s TIME, y’all. Your 29-week Galloway plan for the Walt Disney World Marathon training starts today, June 27th! January 7, 2018, is 6 months and 10 days away. […]

June on the Run | Tuesdays on the Run

Tuesdays on the run at the end of the month means it’s time to rate your month. How was running in June for you? Let us know if you hit your goals and brag a little (or vent a little!) this week. Don’t forget to link up with Erika, Marcia and me too! Upcoming topics: June 6- Global running […]