Volcano Bay: Where Water is Life Announces Opening Date

Universal Studios Orlando’s third park, Volcano Bay, announced it’s opening date of May 25, 2017. Me and my water park loving family have been anxiously waiting for this news! This park is built on the belief that water is life, and life is joy. It promises to have a little bit of everything for the […]

Beauty and the Beast Valentine Cards

February is a month known for love. And we love Beauty and the Beast around here! Here’s a few Beauty and the Beast Valentine’s cards to print and share.  I had a small freakout this morning when I dropped the kids off at school. I saw one child walking in with a plastic bag full […]

Winter Scenes From My Run | Tuesdays on the Run

February is winter. Full blown cold as you get winter in the US. So we want to see what your winter run looks like. Show us your pics! Don’t forget to link up with Erika, Marcia and me this week. Winter Scenes From My Run I’m in a new place, so this means my runs are looking a […]

Super Bowl Monday Musings

The Super Bowl is still going on while I’m writing this. And it’s a nail biter. Holy cow. But I’m not here to talk about touchdowns and turnovers and penalties. Let’s talk about the halftime show. GAGA, y’all. She killed it. I just shared this fun nugget this morning on Facebook. All the halftime shows […]

The Month of Beauty and the Beast

Hear ye, hear ye! I, Patty Shenanigans the First, decree this month all things Beauty and the Beast.  With the live action movie coming out starring the incomparable Hermione Granger, errr, Emma Watson AND the Princess Half Marathon theme, this just feels like a blogger executive order I can get behind. My husband just asked me why […]

2017 Princess Half Marathon Corrals, Event Guide, Course Maps

2017 Princess Half Marathon corrals, event guide and course maps have been released. Are you ready for the royal runDisney treatment? Let’s do this! The Princesses are coming! The Princesses are coming! 2017 Princess Half Marathon Corrals, Event Guide, Course Maps First, grab your waiver HERE. When you print it out, you will see your […]

Valentine’s Day Sweet Ideas

February is one of my favorite months. It kicks off a lot of great dates in my life: my son’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, Princess Half Marathon Weekend, and my birthday. Celebrations galore! If Valentine’s celebrations are on your radar and you are looking for some clever ideas on where to go, what to eat, or […]

Grading January 2017 | Tuesdays on the Run

This week it’s time to review the month. How was January 2017 overall for you from a running perspective? Let’s grade it and see where we can improve as we roll into February! And here are the upcoming Tuesdays on the Run topics: 2/7: Winter scenes from my run 2/14: Stuff I love about running […]

First Week Observations | Mom Monday

We’ve been on the east coast for a week now and I have a few observations about the move. Mostly we’ve been getting boxes unpacked, laundry caught up, and kids settled in schools. So there hasn’t been a ton of exploring (but it’s coming!) or doing much more than finding the closest grocery and gas […]

New Year, New State | Moving Update

This is not the usual New Year, New Me post. It is mostly an update on what’s been going on over the past month, which happens to be the first month of a new year. But there’s some of that in there as well. I mean, you cannot avoid it when you just moved to […]