I Heart Joe Biden | Monday Memes

This isn’t political per se. It’s just funny. I’ve always adored Uncle Joe. From the first time he said something hilariously stupid during the 2008 election, he had my heart. I loved his family and loved how he handled himself throughout the 8 years of his vice presidency. He seemed like a decent person and […]

Something New: Running Disney With Kids

I’m packing up for a trip to the Super Heroes Half Marathon weekend and heading to the airport today. This is nothing new; it’s my third year for this race weekend, and it’s one of my favorites. What is new: I’m taking my 11-year-old daughter with me. Running Disney with kids isn’t my norm, so […]

Splashy Election Thoughts | Monday Memes

I thought about doing a big impassioned plea to go vote and make your voice heard and all that jazz. But let’s face it: we’re all adults here and you know what you got to do. It’s the Monday before the election and like everyone else I know, I’m ready for this sucker to be […]

Saying Yes to Buying LuLaRoe

If you are like me, you have at least a friend or 20 selling something online. The at home businesses are offering many moms the chance to branch out and earn some money. LuLaRoe, Jamberry, BeachBody, and the list goes on and on. I love to support my friends who do this, and hey, I […]

Simple Cinnamon Apple Bites

Fall has arrived- and I couldn’t be happier. Yep, I’m the basic girl who loves this season. In addition to craving cooler weather and high boots, I’ve been dying for some apple pie recently. Crusty fluffy crust with crisp apples and a kick of cinnamon is my jam! Yo, I could eat #allthepie which is […]

Fall Break #MomentsToSavor

We were on fall break in Arizona last week, and guys, this is one of my most favorite things about Arizona. A week off school in October is priceless. You all know I’m firmly “team school year” vs. summer, but it’s still a crazy busy time around here. Ever since school started in early August, […]

Happy Fall, Ya’ll! | Monday Memes

Happy Fall, Ya’ll! This week I’m feeling the days getting shorter. Really feeling it. Okay, so Arizona doesn’t do the whole time change thing in the fall and maybe I’m just crazy busy. But I swear I’m losing daylight over here! Monday Memes are brought to you by the best season of all seasons that […]

You Can’t Sit With Us | Processing Grief and Loss

Deep, heavy, dramatic sigh. I’m processing grief and loss, please, bear with me… I’m just feeling it all today and the words need to come out. If you were looking for silliness and light, come back tomorrow. I don’t have it in me today because today is Super Jake day. I’m marking 11 years without […]

Carrying My Confidence | Mom Monday

  I’m a mom and I’m a runner, so there is really no such thing as TMI (too much information) in my world. I’ve heard it all and probably seen it all. And this is going to be one of those TMI talks. I like to say that I have a Ph.D. in Mommin’. Add to […]

Three Great Reasons to CHOC Walk at Disneyland

As a new mom, my world was rocked with the birth of my first child.  Jacob was born with a severe heart defect at a hospital not equipped to care for his physical needs.   We fell into the world of doctors, nurses, tubes, NICUs, PICUs, and more.  It was terrifying- as you can imagine. We […]