Six Tips for Traveling to Disney World with Toddlers

Talking with a client who is planning the first trip with her almost three-year-old reminded me of this post, Six Tips for Traveling to Walt Disney World with Toddlers. The info is still legit, and might help you out if you are taking on the World or Land with a wee one! Originally published June […]

Why Watching Moana Is Better Than Hanging With Your Crazy Uncle | Moana Review

We’ve all got them. That crazy uncle (or maybe whole families?) who can make holiday meals painful. But you still go to the Thanksgiving meal hoping that this year things might be different. I’m going to straight up suggest that you plan your exit strategy now— and that it should include watching Moana, playing in theaters […]

Holidays at the Disneyland Resort 2016

Everyone can agree that the holidays at the Disneyland Resort is a special time at a special place. It’s something that people plan for all year long and trust me, the planning is worth it! Disneyland is undergoing it’s holiday transformation right now, with a kick-off date of November 10th. Here are a few tips […]

Splashy Election Thoughts | Monday Memes

I thought about doing a big impassioned plea to go vote and make your voice heard and all that jazz. But let’s face it: we’re all adults here and you know what you got to do. It’s the Monday before the election and like everyone else I know, I’m ready for this sucker to be […]

Drinking Around The World At Epcot

Drinking around the world is a time-honored tradition at Walt Disney World’s Epcot theme park. The idea is simple: stop in each country and drink one beverage at each location. With 11 permanent countries represented, I salute (or salut!) those that can complete this challenge. And it’s not just for the alcoholic drinkers; non-alcoholic options count too! […]

How to Christmas at Disney

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m scared to full on Christmas at Disney. We’ve done a few days around the holiday, but haven’t made the plunge to spend Christmas week at the parks. But I’ll also confess that it’s a dream of mine to pull off and one that someday soon is going […]

Celebrate! It’s Walt Disney World’s Birthday

Today is the 45th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. Celebrate the Magical Kingdom at Walt Disney World birthday! I think Walt would be proud of what his brother created for him. Walt Disney World is tribute to the philosophy and life of Walter Elias Disney … and to the talents, the dedication, and […]

20 Things That Are Free at Disneyland Resort

FREE! FREE! FREE! As far as the eye can see- things are FREE at Disneyland Resort! No, I’m not crazy, thank you very much, but I can hear it now. What in the WORLD is she talking about, free at Disneyland? Girl, those tickets and hotels are expensive! Yes, this is true. I won’t even […]

How To 5K at Disneyland (Without Running a Step!)

You know I love running, and I love it the most when it’s happening at a runDisney event at Disneyland. But not everyone is as crazy as I am to dress in costume and run around the parks in search of bling & a t-shirt! After talking to a few friends who profess that they […]

Your Guide to Halloween Time At The Disney Parks

Halloween time at the Disney parks is coming along real soon! BOO to YOU! I’ve been Disney dreaming today as I get ready for the Disneyland Half marathon weekend in a few days. I love this weekend because it’s the last time before the holidays take over. I’m also working on a post about a […]