The Art of the Road Trip Pit Stop

While our president might be talking about the Art of the Deal, I’m talking about things that are much more important to parents. The Art of the Road Trip Pit Stop. I love a good road trip, and frankly, it’s probably the main reason I like summer vacations. When the kids are out of school […]

Give the Gift of Cheerios

This post is sponsored by Cheerios at Walmart. Thanks for allowing me to share the gift of Cheerios. I know I’ve told you this before, but I’m an awful gift giver. This is just not one of my natural talents and pretty much everyone who knows me will agree: I suck. I will take any […]

I’m A Wallflower Mom | Mom Monday

I had one of those super weird uncomfortable situations last Friday night. My Wallflower Mom-ness was in full force as I took my kids to the school carnival, hating every second of it. Despite being “social” online, actual real life situations are a whole other ballgame for me. It probably doesn’t make a lot of […]

Cash Me On The Couch, HowBowDah?

For Mother’s Day: I’m gonna be right here on the couch. All. Day. Long. Howbowdah? Everyone’s day probably looks different. Mine is going to be super lazy and boring and awesome just hanging out with the family & watching Parks and Rec. I got home last night after spending two weeks with a variety of […]

Road Trips With Teens & Tweens: Six Tips Parents Need

Like it or not, the summer road trip season is just around the corner. I’m in the ‘like it’ category! My kids? Maybe not so much. Road trips with teens and tweens can be challenging. But hey, that’s (literally) how this family rolls! For my family of six, the most economical way to get around […]

Tips To Survive the Work From Home Summer | Mom Monday

Working from home has some problems. For example, my commute is the worst. It takes, like, 14-seconds to walk down the stairs to my office. And the dress code is horrible. I mean, clothing required. Any clothing. Geesh, way to get all picky, kids! Okay, I can’t even go on with a straight face. There […]

It’s Gonna Be May | Mondayish Memes

It’s gonna be May… in a few days. And it’s not quite Monday. This memes post is already total rubbish, right? Right. But I’m sharing my favorite It’s Gonna Be May memes anyway. Because: JT. Hellloooo… Do I need to explain? Maybe I do.  Apparently some folks were clueless to what all the memes meant this […]

Real Talk, Real Results | 28-Days of Olay

This post is sponsored by Olay and Walmart through Acorn Influence. I participated in the 28-Days of Olay skin study. Opinions and results are all my own.  Women, let’s have some real talk here. We all have our “thing” that we aren’t happy with when it comes to our appearance. You might not like that […]

DisneyBounding For Dapper Day at Walt Disney World

While this is primarily a lifestyle blog with a focus on running and general fitness, once in a while I like to dip into fashion. Friends of mine: you can stop laughing now. It’s true; I have no sense of style.  Like, at all. But Pinterest is the BOMB.  And it doesn’t hurt to have […]

Uncommon Gifts From UncommonGoods

My husband is the best gift giver ever. Every gift I’ve ever received has been thoughtful and meaningful and wonderful. His love language is definitely one that includes showing how important I am by giving me something I’d never pick for myself. He’s a pretty good guy. Me on the other hand, well… ahh… I’m […]