A Great Disturbance in the Force | RIP Carrie Fisher

“I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.“―Obi-Wan Kenobi Guys. I mean, as if Prince wasn’t bad enough, 2016 had to take our Princess too. Most of the time when a celeb dies, I feel […]

Why Watching Moana Is Better Than Hanging With Your Crazy Uncle | Moana Review

We’ve all got them. That crazy uncle (or maybe whole families?) who can make holiday meals painful. But you still go to the Thanksgiving meal hoping that this year things might be different. I’m going to straight up suggest that you plan your exit strategy now— and that it should include watching Moana, playing in theaters […]

Moana | Family Activities & Poster

Holy wow, y’all. I’ve been waiting forever (ok, so about 18 months) for Moana to hit the theaters. Next week, we finally meet Moana and Maui and follow along with their adventures when Walt Disney Animation Studios releases the action packed movie, Moana. It looks amazing and my little ones can’t wait to see it. […]

First Look: Doctor Strange Meet and Greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It was quietly released earlier this week that a Doctor Strange Meet and Greet would happen at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Due to the agreement with Marvel and Universal Studios (or at least that’s the line that’s always given), Marvel characters have not been allowed at Walt Disney World. Until now. The Doctor is IN.   […]

Doctor Strange | Review

Like most of you guys, I said “Doctor Strange… who?” when runDisney announced the Doctor Strange 10K last fall. Since it was happening over Super Heroes Weekend, I had a good idea that this would have something to do with Marvel or the Avengers. But that’s about all I knew. So off to Google I […]

Behind the Scenes | Captain America: Civil War Blu-Ray Release

I’m just going to get this out there right off the bat: the Captain America: Civil War Blu-Ray is on sale today, and YES, you should BUY IT. With that being said, I’ll expand on my why. I make no secret about my burgeoning love of all things Marvel. Especially when it comes to Captain […]

Captain America: Civil War Family Activities

Captain America: Civil War comes to BluRay DVD next week- September 13! You know my family has some serious movie night plans leading up to this one. I’ve been checking out Pinterest for some great ideas. This would satisfy all sides in a sweet way! And an extra little something for momma after a long […]

Pete’s Dragon | Review and Activity Sheets

This week I attended a media screening for the reboot of an old favorite, Pete’s Dragon. I have a confession: I’m not an uber-fan of the original! I enjoyed it as a kid, but it wasn’t something I needed to see over and over again. I was already in the “meh” camp when I heard […]

Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT! First Look

There are a lot of people not loving this announcement. I am not one of them. In fact, this might actually get my bootay on that elevator, because this looks way cool. Announced today at San Diego Comic-Con, official first look at the changes coming to the Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure. Check it […]

Attention Super Heroes Runners: Get to Know Dr. Strange

Calling all Super Hero Half weekend runners! Most of us are not familiar with Dr. Strange and how he fits in the Marvel Universe. So the whole 10K medal thing was probably a head scratcher. That’s the Eye of Agamotto, by the way. Very cool. Good news! A new trailer came out that will help […]