Fish Are Friends, Not Food. But This IS Food! Finding Dory Recipes

If you’re like my family, you loved watching Finding Dory in the theaters. My 5-year-old is obsessed right now with all things fish and ocean related. She’s begging for everything Dory that she sees. Oh, and wants a quick trip to Walt Disney World so she can see her there, too. I’m not too upset about any […]

Adventures In Babysitting | Activity Sheets

I’m a child of the 80s and a mom of a tween who adores the Disney Channel shows and stars. So when Disney announced the reboot of the 1987 film “Adventures in Babysitting,” I knew this would be something we watched together. I had a flashback of singing along with Elizabeth Shue in the opening number […]

Finding Dory | Movie Review and Activity Sheets

I have great memories associated with the movie Finding Nemo. This was early on in my mom career so to speak, and it’s always been a sentimental favorite in my house. It was the first movie for both my young sons and they absolutely loved it! When the announcement about Finding Dory came a few years ago, […]

Finding Dory | Disney Bounding and Racing Costumes

In case you’ve been living in a sea anemone and hadn’t heard: Finding Dory is coming to theaters around the country on June 17th. Do you speak whale? What? ME TOO! Just in case you need to brush up on those skills, here’s a cute tutorial just in time for Speak Like a Whale Day (which […]

Monday Memes With Marvel

While it’s not exactly a Memorial Day tribute, I do think these guys can get a little love on a day like today. Especially since they have been killing it at the box office this past year. I love them all: Captain America, Deadpool, Ant-Man, Thor, Black Widow, etc. While I’ve never been a comic […]

Alice Through the Looking Glass | Review

Alice in Wonderland is a Disney classic that I’ve watched at least a dozen times, and I can still find something new and clever hidden inside with each viewing. It’s a favorite story with my family, and we eagerly looked forward to the new live feature opening this week. I was invited to a media preview […]

P!nk Music Video| Alice Through the Looking Glass

Here’s the brand new, just released music video from one of my favorite artists: P!nk. Squee! Even better is the fact that it’s coming from the soundtrack to the soon to be released Disney movie Alice Through the Looking Glass. If this doesn’t get you in the right frame of mind for this movie, I don’t […]

Captain America: Civil War | Review

Before I get to the review, I want to share a little back story. Last August, I sat in a crowded exhibition hall at D23 Expo hoping to hear about the next Marvel movies on the slate. Captain America: Civil War was number one on my list. Imagine my reaction when Captain America himself (Chris […]

Marvel’s Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer Released #DoctorStrange

While the Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D were watching the world premiere of Captain America: Civil War (#TeamCap, BTW!), Marvel dropped the first trailer of Doctor Strange. Twitter went wild for this one. Alright, so who is Doctor Strange? Great question. He’s Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange, a gifted (but big ol’ jerk) surgeon. When his […]

Zootopia Review

Early this week I had the opportunity to watch Zootopia in a media screening. This was one of the movies that first hit my radar at the D23 Expo.  It looked cute, but I can’t say I was excited about it exactly.  Even though I adore stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman. As the clips […]