Banana Protein Recovery Waffle Recipe | EAS 100% Whey Protein

This shop has been compensated by CollectiveBias, Inc. on behalf of its advertiser, EAS Sports Nutrition. #easbrand #PowerinProtein #collectivebias So this whole working out thing. It hurts. Sometimes it hurts a lot. About two weeks ago I started a DVD program that incorporates a lot of weight work. You may have caught my oh-my-word-I-wanna-cry whine on Facebook. […]

Easy Candy Cane Cherry Cheese Danish Recipe

Christmas is coming, and I’m working on upping my holiday meal game. I usually rely on my mom to get me through Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, but she’s back in Texas, and I’m on my own. And in true Shenanigans fashion, I’m starting with dessert first: because this easy candy cane cherry cheese Danish recipe […]

Simple Cinnamon Apple Bites

Fall has arrived- and I couldn’t be happier. Yep, I’m the basic girl who loves this season. In addition to craving cooler weather and high boots, I’ve been dying for some apple pie recently. Crusty fluffy crust with crisp apples and a kick of cinnamon is my jam! Yo, I could eat #allthepie which is […]

Time To Focus On ME (With Help From Atkins)

Affiliate links included in this post. Printable Meal Plan included! Now that my kids are ALL in school, I’m finding my time from 8 to 3 is all about me. ME ME ME. And as you can guess, I’ve got zero guilt over it. (ps- Moms, it’s ok to take care of YOU. If you […]

The After School Snack Smackdown

My kids started school last week. The first day was Monday the 8th, so I’m a good two weeks into the school year. I’ll confess: I was downright giddy over it. I’d say it’s going well for everyone. Sure, there’s been some drama in the mornings about mom waking up late (dang Olympics!), lost IDs, […]

Key Strengths: Seeks Balance | Mom Monday

“Seeks Balance” is pretty much the first bullet point of my Mom Resume under Key Strengths. It’s one of those goals that I’m constantly striving to reach. Balance is not easy for me. Like- whoa, so not easy. I tend to be what I call a deep-ender. I jump in with both feet when it’s […]

Skinnygirl Back to School Celebration | Mom Monday

It’s the most wonderful time, of the year! Did you sing it? Because I sure did with a stupid smile on my face as I filled out forms for band, soccer tryouts, field trip permissions, emergency contacts and all the goodness that is back to school. BTS, Y’ALL. BACK. TO. SCHOOL. Oh yeah, it’s time, y’all. […]

Simple Summer Celebrations | Birthday Cake Popcorn

I have a confession to make. It’s true: summer throws me off my mommin’ game. I’m a little lazier (ok, a lot lazier) and spend a lot of time just chilling with the kids. That means my one summer birthday kid can sometimes get left out! This year, I vowed to change that. We had […]

Disneyland Food Bucket List | Crossing Things Off

I’m a fan of going to Disneyland as often as possible. One reason being: snacks. I’ve got a Disneyland food bucket list that I’m slowly crossing things off. It’s been delicious. According to my Fitbit when I’m at Disneyland, I’m entitled to a little extra caloric love. Gotta love an obsession that gets the step […]

Mom Timeout | Tradewinds Slow-Brewed Iced Tea

Being a mom in the summer has its challenges. Especially being one who works from home and has four loud kids. Four, y’all. I’m all over here thinking it’s time to get them all phones so they can leave my house and hunt Pokemon Go or whatever it is kids do these days. Ok, not […]