The Half that (Almost) Wasn’t | Tuesdays on the Run

Welcome to Tuesdays on the Run, our weekly linkup discussing running topics. This week it’s all about your favorite winter gear. Tell us what you love and why! Don’t forget to link up with Erika, Marcia and me for this week’s Tuesdays on the Run. I’m sharing another runner story this week from the canceled Walt Disney […]

You Can Drop In During A Marathon | Guest Post

Here’s another fun story from the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. Jen, a Dopey runner, got out and participated in the DIY half marathon along with other runners at her resort. She also made an unscheduled stop at her favorite hotel in Hollywood Studios! You Can Drop In During A Marathon by Jen Spencer In […]

The Inaugural Port Orleans Riverside 1/2 Marathon | Guest Post

You know, sometimes life happens. Yes, I’m talking about the canceled runDisney Walt Disney World Half Marathon weekend. In case you weren’t aware, the race had to be called due to lightning storms in the area. To keep runners safe, the entire race was called off. #WhompWhomp But we were at Disney World, so of […]

runDisney Super Heroes Half Weekend | Doctor Strange 10K Recap

I’ve been a bit, oh, let’s just say crazy, since November. Wait- since October is more accurate. So it didn’t surprise me when I was writing the Walt Disney World Marathon recap yesterday to realize that I hadn’t posted about the Doctor Strange 10K recap yet. Doh! A bit late, but here it is! Doctor […]

Racecation (Also Known As the Reason I Run) | Tuesdays on the Run

I just got back from a racecation- and heading off to another. Gee, wonder where I land on the debate Racecation vs Weekend Warrior? Link up with  Erika, Marcia and me for this week’s Tuesdays on the Run and tell us where you land- are you a runner who stays close to home or do […]

2017 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Recap

I have packers in my house and a husband breathing down my neck to clean my office, but I have thoughts about the weekend I want to get out before I forget! Here’s my 2017 Walt Disney World Marathon weekend recap. 2017 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Recap 5K The only thing I heard about […]

Pacing Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

Don’t worry: it’s not me. But there is a new pacing team at runDisney that I know many are curious about! Let’s give a warm welcome to the Galloway Pacers at Walt Disney World Marathon. Pacing Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend In the past, runDisney has worked with the Clif pacing teams to provide runners […]

Donald Duck Costume Tutorial

Republishing this Donald Duck costume tutorial for the 20th Anniversary of the Walt Disney World Half Marathon- also known as the Donald. See you on the course!  This one quacks me up. Sorry, you know the pun had to be used, so I figure it’s best to get it out of the way early. I’ll […]

The Most Helpful runDisney Marathon Advice EVER

A lot of my runner friends are heading off to Walt Disney World for the big Marathon Weekend in a few days. If that’s you: safe travels! You might be frantically thinking of questions leading up to the big day. I’ve put together some of the most helpful runDisney Marathon advice I’ve found online for you. […]

2017 Star Wars Light Side Corrals

The information about 2017 Star Wars Light Side is available NOW! Waivers Get them here! At the bottom of your waiver you will see your bib number. You can check your corral by finding where the bib number lands on these charts.  No 10k or 5k corrals are given.  Corrals Course Maps You can find […]