My Five Dream Disney Vacations

Dream vacations, eh?  I could probably come up with quite a list of places that I’d love to visit. Probably. But as you know I’m a bit of a Disney fan, and there are a couple of Disney locations I haven’t visited, so this list is going to be about those. Assume of course we’d […]

Five Tips for Easy Holiday Travel

Oh December. It’s biting me in the butt this year. To be blunt about it. As a runner, it falls smack in the middle of my fall and winter training.  That means long runs on the weekends, hydrating like crazy, and stocking up on the gear I need for races.  (And by gear I clearly […]

5 Reasons to Buy runDisney Bibs With a Travel Agent

The 2017/2018 runDisney season goes on sale this week and once again, Magical Miles Travel will have race bibs, discounted tickets, and hotel options for you. But why should you purchase through us? Here are five reasons to buy runDisney bibs with a travel agent. But first: if you are looking for Disneyland Half bibs […]

Test Driving the Hyundai Elantra Eco

Remember when I shared that my Super Heroe’s Half Marathon weekend wasn’t off to a great start? There was lost luggage and a delayed flight and a wee car accident. Oh my word, it wasn’t looking good. The car accident wasn’t me, thank goodness, but that’s how I ended up with a Hyundai Elantra Eco […]

Holiday Events in Arizona | 10 Holiday Attractions You’ll Love

Three of my favorite things about living in Arizona are October, November, December. Are you picking up what I’m throwing down? It’s not too hot, not too cold, and just right for a weather Goldilocks such as myself. These holiday months in Arizona are just up my alley. And I admit, the variety of holiday […]

Choosing the Best Hawaiian Island for Your Family

Time for some real talk. There’s been something gnawing at me on social media lately, and no, I’m not talking about politics. According to your Facebook, Instagram, and Tweets, I must be the only person on earth who has not been to Hawaii. And quite possibly, I may be the only person who isn’t there right now. It […]

Gift Guide for the Geeky Travel Runner 2016| Tuesdays on the Run

It’s that time of year: shopping commences in 5…4…3… We want to see what you are hoping to score this year.  Maybe you have some suggestions based on previous reviews or sponsored opportunities.  Whatever you want to share in the form of a runner’s gift guide, let’s see it! Tuesdays on the Run this week: […]

Review: Grand Touring In the New Mazda 6

As a travel agent and frequent Disney goer, I’ve learned some truths when it comes to visiting Walt Disney World. I fully believe that time is money and while Disney World does a lot of things right, time-efficient transportation is not one of them. One of the truths I’ve learned as a person who doesn’t […]

Holidays at the Disneyland Resort 2016

Everyone can agree that the holidays at the Disneyland Resort is a special time at a special place. It’s something that people plan for all year long and trust me, the planning is worth it! Disneyland is undergoing it’s holiday transformation right now, with a kick-off date of November 10th. Here are a few tips […]

First Look: Doctor Strange Meet and Greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It was quietly released earlier this week that a Doctor Strange Meet and Greet would happen at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Due to the agreement with Marvel and Universal Studios (or at least that’s the line that’s always given), Marvel characters have not been allowed at Walt Disney World. Until now. The Doctor is IN.   […]