First Look: Doctor Strange Meet and Greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It was quietly released earlier this week that a Doctor Strange Meet and Greet would happen at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Due to the agreement with Marvel and Universal Studios (or at least that’s the line that’s always given), Marvel characters have not been allowed at Walt Disney World.

Until now.

Doctor Strange Meet and Greet

The Doctor is IN.


Doctor Strange Meet and Greet


And I have to admit, looking pretty spot on! The costuming stood out for me when I saw the movie earlier this week (parental review found here), and I am so excited to see that they rocked the look at the Studios. He looks spot on!

The meet and greet won’t be advertised or promoted due to the previously mentioned issues with the contract, but you can find him in Hollywood Studios.

Walk past Toy Story Mania, and he is meeting at the end of the street.

Doctor Strange Meet and Greet

Reports say it’s a little like Jedi training, but with the Mystic Arts.

Kids only, so, yeah, adults are welcome to watch, but you won’t be chosen to participate. Dang, yo!

Doctor Strange Meet and Greet

Disneyland friends: no word yet on a meet and greet on the west coast. I’m personally hoping he shows up for the Doctor Strange 10K happening next Saturday (eeep!) either on the course or at an unannounced meet and greet in Disney California Adventure.

Thanks to Christie Ritchotte for the photos and on-site reporting.

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