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This week it’s time to review the month. How was January 2017 overall for you from a running perspective? Let’s grade it and see where we can improve as we roll into February!

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Grading January 2017

I’ve never been an over-achiever when it comes to running. I don’t do it for the speed or the PRs. I generally do it for the heart health and social aspect (my friends run, so I want to run too!).

This month by most accounts should get a big ol’ F.

Maybe an F+ if you are looking at the amount of running I did or the goals I didn’t accomplish. Sounds awful, right?

Longest non-race run all month!

But it wasn’t. It was actually an ok month for me when it came to running because my head was in a good place. Finally.

I ran happy when I ran. And I ran stress-free.

There was one race I knew would be a cluster for me, but hey, it was canceled, and I thank the good Lord for that one. That rainout might have saved my running career, to be honest. If I had started (as I had all intentions of doing) and if I had hated every untrained second of it (as I’m sure I would have) I might have seen it as the final push to hang up the Hokas.

But instead, the race was canceled. And I got a do-over month.

I changed my tactics. I ran when I wanted to, not because I felt I had to. I have one race on the calendar and I am likely walking it with a friend who just had surgery and who is starting chemo this week. That put things into perspective for me.

I don’t have to run; but I still want to run. And I get to run. Something I don’t want to take for granted.

So the few times I got out during this crazy move across the country became really lovely moments of running. They weren’t long; they weren’t fast, but they were just what I needed to get myself back into the “I like running” mindset.


So all that being said: I’m going to give this month a C-

That’s maybe generous from a pure running perspective, but the change in mentality throws the curve a smidge.

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  1. Yup! When we think about all the details and circumstances in our life, it turns out that we shouldn’t be QUITE as hard on ourselves as we initially are. Remember, we run for fun and stress relief, not because we HAVE to. (We are not quite running from lions! 🙂

  2. As much as my ITBS has really made me stressed, I’ve down graded to shorter distances, and I’m very happy with that. I’m doing what I can do, and it’s so much more fun. No more worrying and stressing over miles, and I know it’s working since my annual checkup had my best blood test results. Can’t complain about that.

  3. I’m glad you’re back in the “I like running” mindset. I hope you and your friend have a great time at that race. It’s funny, sometimes things don’t work out as planned and it turns out to be a blessing.

  4. Being happy when you run is worth more than a C I think. 🙂 Glad you’re getting some joy back!!

  5. Such an awesome attitude, and I think you do have your priorities in a great spot. That’s great that you’ll be walking with your friend 😉 I roll my eyes (frequently) at the “runners” who obsess over every little detail and never seem to enjoy the mere ACT of running itself. We all have different goals and perspectives, but if this sport ain’t fun, what’s the purpose?

  6. A positive mindset is so important! Im glad you had an enjoyable month of running!

  7. Funny how sometimes a race cancellation is just what we need! A childhood friend was recently dx’d with cancer and posted her chemo schedule. Yeah that puts everything in perspective for sure.

  8. I dunno . . . I think when you run because you just enjoy it — that deserves a much higher grade! Plus running & moving — been there, done that, not easy.

  9. There is something to be said for just running when you want to run 🙂

  10. I hope you and your friend have a great time at that race.


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