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June on the Run

June was kinda a comeback month for me. I got out there much more regularly this month than I had since— oh, November?

So yeah, it was needed.

I’m still not running more than 2 miles at a clip, so my next step in July is to add to the mileage just a bit. I don’t feel like I need to be running much more than 2-4 miles at this point, so it won’t be a huge jump. But a little more than 2 sounds like progress for the month of July.

The first couple of runs sucked, tbh. It was hard. It was hot. And it was struggle bus central.

Not surprising or anything, but a good reminder that I’m not as young as I once was! Bouncing back takes a bit longer when you go months without running.

Who knew? (um, everyone? hahaha)

But then things started to gel and I was feeling good. I felt like a runner again- which was something I’ve been missing for months at this point. Heck, maybe a year even. It’s been a while.

And I found new playlists. Which makes running so much more enjoyable for me.

So June was good. I do have one big regret.

I spent this last weekend in Eastern Michigan and learned a valuable lesson: summers up north are not *exactly* summer-like. At least not compared to my summers in the southerner and western states!

The Blue Water Riverwalk was steps from my hotel room and such a missed opportunity for a run! Whomp.

The weather was cool all weekend and PERFECT running weather. That means I got out there, right?


I packed a running skirt, shirt, shoes, socks… but no sports bra. Ugh.

I had the opportunity to get out and explore new towns with fabulous weather and views and I blew it! #ThanksBoobs

Lesson learned: even if I don’t think I’ll have time to run, bring the gear because you never know! I would have made time for it with these wonderful views!

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  1. Thats too bad that you weren’t able to run in Michigan! I used to go to Maine in the summer and it was perfect running weather. Nice job getting back to your regular runs this month!

  2. I used to keep spare running clothes in my car- but no sports bra!! Which means that it basically is pointless. Sorry you weren’t able to get in that run.

    • That’s actually really smart. I should do that too- I’ve had times where I ended up in DC and would have loved a quick monument run, but wasn’t dressed for it. Good tip!

  3. I always get mad when I pack running gear and not use it. I feel Like it was a waste. So usually I make a point to get out there since it is taking up room in my luggage.

    • I always pack it- and never use it. So I’ve started just making the adult decision that I won’t run. And then— this happened! I can’t win ha.

  4. I’m glad to hear you’re getting more runs in! But on your trip, couldn’t you have run in a regular bra? Or used it as an excuse to shop for a new one (which is what I would have done!)

    • Nope- not in the bras I took with me. And I was without a car & in very small towns (pretty sure no Uber/Lyft type small towns! lol) on a press trip, so I didn’t have many options for shopping. After the first missed opportunity, I kept my eyes peeled though. Won’t let it happen again.

  5. Yay for getting more runs in! That stinks that you forgot a key running item, I bet that weather would have been glorious!

  6. The mountain weather I had this weekend felt great, but it was chilly in the mornings. It’s hot in Denver, so I’ve adjusted to the heat, not to mention my blood thinned out due to Texas. I’m not used to winters anymore.

    • Totally understand this. My AZ blood was not happy for the first couple weeks of winter here! I walked around in blankets and hats inside the house. lol

  7. I could use some new playlists too I will check yours out. It is hard to adjust to the summer heat for me as well. Thanks for the linkup

  8. Michigan is such a beautiful state! SO many trees! We lived in the central part of the mitten (East Lansing area) for seven years…sadly my kids were little and I was not a runner back then. I have gone back for visits and run while there, so I finally got that closure LOL

  9. It’s been great to hear that you are getting back into running! Gradually easing your way back is definitely the right move!

  10. You’re right, you never know if/when you’ll have time to run when you’re away. I would have definitely been inspired to run with views like the ones that you saw during your trip/

  11. Ee!! Hometown views right there! I would give anything to be running in Michigan vs this Desert heat here. Treadmill life until I can figure out how to wake up earlier than the sun by 2 hours.

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