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I just got back from a racecation- and heading off to another.

Gee, wonder where I land on the debate Racecation vs Weekend Warrior?

Link up with  Erika, Marcia and me for this week’s Tuesdays on the Run and tell us where you land- are you a runner who stays close to home or do you like to travel to races?

Racecation (Also Known As the Reason I Run)

I’ve made no secret of it: I run so I can go to Disney.

It’s what first drew me into the sport and it’s certainly what kept me here.

I don’t exactly mind local races, and some of them are pretty neat. But they just don’t have a big enough pull for me to keep putting in the miles to participate in.

Sure, I ran a few in Austin and a couple since I’ve lived here. Hey, I even “won” the Cherry Blossom 5K lottery and plan to run that one when Virginia becomes my new location. I’m kinda excited about that!

But overall all: I run so I can go to Disney.

There are a ton of reasons why I runDisney. Here are a few.

In addition to that: it’s always changing, it’s always fun, it’s where my friends from the computer live and it makes me happy.

And since I not only love it, I sell it (runDisney race bibs for 2017, anyone?) it works out well all around!

“Honey, it’s WORK.”


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Patty Holliday is a wife and mother of four. She's a travel agent specializing in Disney & Universal vacations- and loves a candid confession. Find her in Virginia (or anywhere frequent flyer miles or her trusty minivan takes her.)


  1. I don’t do Disney, but we all know I’m all about the racecation. I will admit to planning to run a few more local races this coming year though.

  2. Ive never done a Disney race but I do tend to travel for longer races. It definitely keeps things exciting to run in new places!

  3. We have been going to Disney as a family for many years, but it was’t until we got into running that we actually knew there were races there. Disney does put on a good race. They better for as expensive they are.

  4. Everyone should run Disney once! I live in central Florida and even for me they are pricey and a bit hard to get to but I admit, there is nothing like them!

  5. I’ve never done Disney, but it seems like a great racecation!!! I actually don’t remember the last time I was at Disney- may need to figure out how to add that to the calendar!!!

  6. AHH I totally missed you are moving to NoVa! I just moved back-I’m in the western Loudoun area. Anyway, I’ve never done a Disney race and while I love a good racecation, I also love to run locally 🙂

  7. It’s a beautiful thing when you can make your work your fun! Well done mama!

  8. I do enjoy a good racecation, but have never done a Disney race. I always thought the Wine & Dine sounded like a fun one.

  9. I love it! We’re going to be doing runDisney for the first time so it’s going to be quite the experience, hopefully we can handle it! I’m looking forward to the energy and all the characters along the course. It definitely beats my regular running route!

  10. It’s work? So, market research, right? You have to vet the product to know what you’re selling :-p

  11. Yay, team Racecation! But there are some sweet local races. Even local-ish. Wanna sign up for the Hershey 10K with me? 🙂

  12. .Running 13.1 miles the perfect excuse to use on my Mr. Grumpy for no guilt on taking a girls trip to WDW!

  13. I’ve only been to Disney once for the Princess weekend. I did love how unique of an experience it was. I was lucky enough to meet Jeff Galloway when I went 🙂

  14. Once my foot is healed, I plan on doing more local races, but I’m all about the Disney racecation! It’s what bonds me with my friends, and they keep me motivated to work hard since I always make a list of goals to accomplish before my next race. Instead of carrots, I dangle rD medals. 😉

    Speaking of selling bibs, I’m not regretting not buying a Dopey bib while they were available. Nervous about registration!!

  15. There is just nothing like a Disney race! Hands down they throw a parttttyyy!!!
    Thanks for the TOTR linkup!


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