Super Simple Low Carb Nacho Boats Recipe *Giveaway*

I need a moment here.

I’ll get to the recipe, I promise! It’s a good one and worth waiting for. My kids gobbled these babies up- MOM WIN!

But first, a moment to explain myself. Because sometimes I need to air it all out on the blog.

Brain dump and confessional all in one tidy internet living space.

I’m working on all kinds of things around here. Change is in the air, y’all! I’m inspired by a few friends I’ve been chatting with recently who are having huge success with LIFE. They are happier, healthier, and giving their families better moms.

There is nothing I hate about that! I want to BE that. And I’m tired of giving up on myself when things get crazy or hard.

I’ve mentioned before that my sleep is awful. And my training has been, well, barely there. Both are significant concerns when it comes to my health, but the food has always been my number one hurdle.

Believe it or not, it’s not how much I eat, but that I often forget to eat- and then fall into the quick and easy carby-sweet things when I’m hungry. Both are no bueno, especially for my blood sugar, which is once again on high watch. Le Sigh.

So I’m back to tracking the food, watching the macros, and making sure I’m high protein, low carb while I get things under control. I started this a few weeks ago and I’m seeing the benefits already.

To be successful I need to plan ahead, and well, that’s where I suck. So I’m going with convenience. I need to make sure I food prep each week AND have easy snacks and meals nearby to get me through those weak moments.


Sipping an Atkins Mocha Latte shake in the pickup line. It’s quick, easy, and has enough protein to get me through the afternoon slump.

When my food is out of control, the rest of my life pretty much follows suit. I can’t have that. This fall is jam-packed, and I need to be bringing my best. Enter my besties at Atkins, a program I know will bring me results.

It’s an easy program to follow for me as I #AtkinsAllDay.

Atkins offers full on meals that can be quickly made when I’m in a hurry or when it’s suddenly an hour past lunch, and I need to eat NOW.

Super Simple Nacho Boat recipe. Atkins and low carb lifestyle approved!

I can also whip up simple recipes that fit my low-carb lifestyle, and I can adapt as needed as the running ramps up a bit. It’s never failed to give me an extra boost when it comes to being more focused and having more energy.

And guess what? When I’m focused and have energy, I tend to run more. And when I run more I sleep better.

So you see where I need to start, right? It’s a cycle, y’all, and it begins and ends with my nutrition.

Working from home all day means I have no excuse to make this work: snacks and all!

Super Simple Nacho Boat recipe. Atkins and low carb lifestyle approved!

Now the good stuff. I’ve been working on some Atkins-friendly recipes, experimenting with what will and won’t go over with the kids and hubs.

Um, I’ve had some misses.

There was a cream cheese chicken and rice thing that was pretty much a disaster. Sounded good on paper but in my hands? NOPE.

This one, however, worked out well for everyone. Mostly because it’s basically nachos. I mean, who doesn’t love nachos?

Super Simple Nacho Boat recipe. Atkins and low carb lifestyle approved!


Super Simple Low Carb Nacho Boats



  • 1 pound 93% lean beef or ground turkey
  • taco seasoning packet (I said this was going to be easy!)
  • Three bell peppers of your choosing
  • shredded cheese

Start by cooking the meat in a skillet and add the taco seasoning to flavor. I let mine simmer on the stove a bit while I’m working on the rest of the prep.

Slice and clean the peppers.

Super Simple Nacho Boat recipe. Atkins and low carb lifestyle approved!

Remove all the seeds and then cut into sections.

These are the boats, or chips for your nachos if you like that idea.

Place them on a parchment paper covered cookie sheet. Gently fill each pepper boat with taco meat.

Super Simple Nacho Boat recipe. Atkins and low carb lifestyle approved!

Sprinkle with the shredded cheese.

Place in the oven carefully (they can tip pretty easily!) at 375 degrees for 10 minutes or until the cheese melts.

Serve with salsa and sour cream and enjoy!

Super Simple Nacho Boat recipe. Atkins and low carb lifestyle approved!

Side note: I haven’t tried it yet, but I think this would be excellent in the middle of an avocado half. You KNOW I love some avocados!

What do you do daily to maintain health in your life? I’m looking for more ideas on keeping myself on track here. And I could use your help!

In fact, let’s make this fun: how about a giveaway? You help me with some tips, and I’ll help YOU win an Atkins prize pack.

Here are a few ways to enter:

  • comment with your best meal prep or healthy lifestyle tip
  • follow @AtkinsInsider on Twitter
  • Tweet the following message

This contest will end September 30, and I’ll randomly choose a winner from all entries! (open to US residents only- sorry, Canada!)

If you post on social media (Twitter or Instagram will count too!) with the #AtkinsAllDay hashtag, you’ll also be automatically entered into a larger #AtkinsAllDay September contest. One winner will be chosen each week in September for this one.

Oh- and don’t forget to print out this coupon if you are headed to the store for some Atkins bars, shakes, and snacks.


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  1. Shredded chicken is my savior. I can make it in the crock pot and then use it so many different ways through the week!
    Amy Albers recently posted…We Went On A Hasbro Playdate!My Profile

  2. These look seriously SO delicious!

  3. Wow, those look awesome! Putting it in the dinner rotation!
    Tania recently posted…Easy Solutions for Busy After-School Sports NightsMy Profile

  4. My best meal prep tip is to have plenty of Tupperware

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