Atkins 40 | Low Carb Lower Number on the Scale

Printable Meal Plan Included! You guys know me. I’m all about being honest with my product reviews. If I find a flaw or a problem with something I won’t hesitate to share that information. So here’s my honest review of a week on the Atkins 40 plan. It was GREAT. Except for that pesky Day […]

Baked Eggs in Avocados | Recipe for Atkins 40 Followers

Fun fact about me: avocados are my JAM, y’all. Which is hilarious considering I didn’t touch one until well into my 30s. Growing up in Texas I was exposed to a lot of guacamole and always turned my nose up at it. It just didn’t look right to me. As they say, with age comes […]

Time To Focus On ME (With Help From Atkins)

Affiliate links included in this post. Printable Meal Plan included! Now that my kids are ALL in school, I’m finding my time from 8 to 3 is all about me. ME ME ME. And as you can guess, I’ve got zero guilt over it. (ps- Moms, it’s ok to take care of YOU. If you […]

Atkins 40 #SavorSuccess

You guys know I’m a fan of the Atkins 40 plan.  When I’m working the plan and using the products, I see great results.  Not just on the scale, but in everything I do. I’m more focused, I am not hungry, and I’m getting things DONE. Atkins is hosting a fantastic giveaway this month that […]

Goals for 2015 | Tuesdays on the Run

ETA: I wrote this one up yesterday but apparently forgot to schedule it to publish!  So pretend it’s still Tuesday since apparently I think it’s still Tuesday… ahem. It’s the first Tuesdays on the Run for 2015 and we thought setting those goals out would be the best way to kick off the year!  April […]

Shaking Things Up | Atkins Shake Review

I’ve been talking about the Atkins 40 plan and Atkins diet for a couple of months now.  Here’s a link to the first week I spent on the plan to refresh your memory on how it went. Now that the New Year has rolled around (hello 2015!) I know thoughts of Resolutions and change are […]

Learn About Carbs with Atkins

Remember back in May when I signed up for that marathon thingy and swore I was going to get some of these pounds off? Yeaaaahhhh… about that…. I’m here to admit, confess, whatever that I’ve had the usual mixed results. Le Sigh. On one front, I’m doing well. I’m still running. More than ever actually. […]