Characters You May Run Into: Disneyland Half Marathon

Republishing this one because the Disneyland Half is coming up in TWO WEEK!  EEEP! Originally posted in 2014.  The response to the Walt Disney World Marathon characters post was so great I knew I had to keep going. Since the Disneyland Half Marathon is the next one on the schedule, I’ll visit Disneyland next! I […]

Let Me Help You runDisney | Magical Miles Travel

ETA 5.13.16: WE ARE SOLD OUT of DDD bibs! (psst- runDisney, you paying attention to the price point here? Ahem.) But we are offering Disneyland Half bibs at $200 plus PayPal fees. It’s our version of “free shipping”- save those Active fees! Read below on how to order.  If you’ve spent any time around here, […]

Challenge Accepted | Tuesdays on the Run

Challenges are growing in popularity. Are you Goofy enough to do a half on Saturday and a full on Sunday?  Or maybe you’re Dopey enough to try a 5K, 10K, half, & full? If attempting a challenge is something you’re considering, there’s a few tips out there that might help you finish injury free and […]

When Races Suck | Tuesdays on the Run

Hey hey hey! It’s Tuesdays on the Run and today we are talking about crappy races. You know the one: there just wasn’t anything GOOD you could say about it, or about your performance, or about life that day.  We’ve all been there, right? April, Erika and I want to hear about your experience and […]

Dumbo Double Dare: Costume Reveal

If there’s a Disney run happening, you know I’m going to be doing it in costume. I love dressing up and taking pictures in the parks.  It’s the biggest appeal to a runDisney race. I’ve been a Step-Sister, a Chimney Sweep, an Evil Emperor, Club 33 China, the most handsome man in town, and a […]

Disneyland Half and Dumbo Double Dare Corrals 2014

It’s just about that time guys! Runners everywhere are saying those immortal words: stuff just got real First, check out your final instructions HERE.   You can get your waivers for the Disneyland Half and Dumbo Double Dare HERE   And the corral information for the races is below.  Nothing reported for the 10Ks (which […]

Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Information: Course Maps and Official Event Guide

I’ve been moaning about the hot weather training, but this morning all that is forgotten! Disneyland Half Marathon weekend information including Course Maps are available now through the Official Event Guide.  I’ll share some highlights here for you:   The event guide is your resource for the weekend.  You can find it here. Inside I […]

runDisney Princess Half & Disneyland Half Updates

Warning:  Spoilers to follow.  If you prefer to see the bibs for the first time at the expo (hey, some people like to be surprised and I want to respect that!) then you might want to stop reading after the Princess Half Marathon update.  Bibs for the Disneyland Half Weekend are included in this post. […]