Shopping For Young Athletes Is Easy At DICK’S Sporting Goods (And a #Giveaway!)

As a mom of four young athletes, sometimes it feels like my life is dictated by the kid’s sports schedule. Weekday evenings mean practices and weekends are spent at games, tournaments, and meets. There’s usually overlap but every now and then we get a small break between activities where we are lazy bums. And it’s […]

Want a Free Disneyland Half Bib? | Giveaway

The Disneyland Half Marathon celebrates 11 years running this year. It’s a great course, fun characters, fabulous local support, and a brand new medal. And no, we haven’t seen it yet either. It’s one of our favorite race weekends, and well, we want YOU to be there. Go Magical Miles  full-service travel agency has one […]

Wellness With Nature Made | Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

The reason I run, the reason I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, the reason I do everything? These kiddos, right here. I have four very adorable reasons to stay as healthy as I can and to focus on my overall wellness goals this year. Running and watching what I eat goes a long way […]

Atkins All Day | $50 Amex Gift Card And Product Giveaway

I’ve partnered with Atkins on the #AtkinsAllDay campaign.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own honest beliefs.   Last fall I had a fantastic experience with Atkins Nutritionals and lost 3.5 pounds within the first 5 days on the plan.  And it didn’t stop there. I’ve gained a little weight back (ugh).  It’s […]

LEGO KidsFest Arizona Ticket Giveaway

When my oldest son turned three he was given his first set of LEGO® bricks.  That was over 11 years ago. I’ve been dodging pieces with my bare feet ever since. LEGO bricks are the ultimate toy in this house.  They provide hours- HOURS, y’all- of quiet concentration and creativity for my children. To say […]

TuTu Much! Giveaway from Shelly Rio Boutique

Last month I ran in a tutu for the first time at the runDisney Avengers 5K. I had a blast. It was soft, it was comfortable, and it made me feel girlie even though I was channeling my inner Thor. The tutu was created and supplied for review by Shelly Rio.  You can (and should!) […]

Dress Your Device with DecalGirl Skins | Giveaway

One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite shows goes like this: Sheldon: What type of computer do you have? And please don’t say a white one. That’s me. Meaning, I’d say “the white one” and look back like that should be all the information he needed. But now I’d have to say […]

Disney Favorites Giveaway From A Whole Lotta Hoopla

ETA Live at 12:01am August 6, 2014: You can visit the winning announcement here. I was trying to come up with a clever way of introducing this giveaway from A Whole Lotta Hoopla. I’m failing miserably. I kept getting distracted by the gorgeous images and clever examples of Disney Favorites signs found in the Etsy […]

Magic Band & FitBit Band Covers: Review and Giveaway

As a runner I love data.  As a woman trying to lose weight, I NEED data. I bought a Fitbit Flex last December (Merry Christmas to me!) and somewhere around March I lost it.  Probably in the shuffle of the move hoopla.  I’ve missed it a lot.  Like really, really, REALLY missed it when we […]

“I Run…” Celebrate National Running Day

  National Running Day asks you to complete the sentence “I run…”  Olive to Run is hosting a link up today for people to complete their “I run…” sentence.  Be sure to stop by and read all the reasons people run.  I love hearing what motivates and moves other runners. As for me?  Why do […]