Why Watching Moana Is Better Than Hanging With Your Crazy Uncle | Moana Review

We’ve all got them. That crazy uncle (or maybe whole families?) who can make holiday meals painful. But you still go to the Thanksgiving meal hoping that this year things might be different. I’m going to straight up suggest that you plan your exit strategy now— and that it should include watching Moana, playing in theaters […]

Moana | Family Activities & Poster

Holy wow, y’all. I’ve been waiting forever (ok, so about 18 months) for Moana to hit the theaters. Next week, we finally meet Moana and Maui and follow along with their adventures when Walt Disney Animation Studios releases the action packed movie, Moana. It looks amazing and my little ones can’t wait to see it. […]

2016 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Slate

Movie fans, this one is for you! Walt Disney Studios announced their 2016 motion picture slate today. I have got to say, 2016 looks like it’s going to be another home-run year for Disney entertainment. We got a taste of most of these movies at the D23 Expo this year, and I was blown away. […]

Native Hawaiian Cast as Moana

It’s an exciting movie news day around here! I’m over the moon about this movie coming next November.  As part of the D23 Expo I watched the first trailer for Moana and, guys, this one is going to be Frozen big. Except warmer.  Ha. I mean, how can it miss when you have Dwayne Johnson […]