Tinker Bell: Let’s Discuss

Social media is wondering just what’s wrong with the Tinker Bell Half and Pixie Dust Challenge? Y’all… nothing.  I don’t think runDisney is worried. At least I wouldn’t be worried if I was them.  It’s going to sell out (today maybe?). After watching these races sell out in record time, it just feels weird to […]

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Mother’s Day 2015: How’s It Lookin’ To You?

Registration opens in early August for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2015.  My favorite race on the runDisney calendar- the one I actually LOVE running every year due to the perfect course, location, and weather.  Well, I did love it.  Ahem. My thoughts on the change of dates has been pretty well documented. But you […]

Sum It Up Sunday

What’s this you say?  Sum it up Sunday during daylight hours?  Why yes… It’s a Mother’s Day miracle of sorts.  Live-Blogging from the car on the way home from the Grand Canyon.  Let’s do this. C25K Week 4 was hard, y’all. Two intervals of 3 minute runs followed by two intervals of 5 minute runs. […]

About Tinker Bell Half Marathon…

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know how I took the news.  In case you missed it, runDisney announced yesterday that Tinker Bell Half Marathon will now be run on Mother’s Day starting in 2015. After a good night sleep and some time to chill out I realize this is NOT the […]