Six Tips for Traveling to Disney World with Toddlers

Talking with a client who is planning the first trip with her almost three-year-old reminded me of this post, Six Tips for Traveling to Walt Disney World with Toddlers. The info is still legit, and might help you out if you are taking on the World or Land with a wee one! Originally published June […]

My Night Wanderer | Motorola Baby Monitor Review

  I’d like you to meet my youngest, Lucy. Or as I call her, #OhLucy. As in… ohhhh Lucy…. take Luke’s underwear off your head. And ohhhh Lucy… stop yelling at Claire and Seth.  6,000 rounds of “I Spy” is enough when you keep picking the same color (white) and the same item (your shoes). […]

Sum It Up Sunday

Today we celebrate our littlest of littles.  Happy Birthday on this Sum It Up Sunday to #OhLucy!  She turns three- which means my Disney vacations just got a lot more expensive.  Why yes, I do couch things in Disney Dollars.  Doesn’t everyone? In my experience the terrible twos don’t have anything on the torturous threes.  […]