DUDE! It’s the runDisney Disneyland Balloon Lady

Everyone knows about the runDisney Balloon Lady- and if you don’t, you may want to catch up on this post here. I’ll sum it up just a bit, but it’s a good read if you have the time. The balloon ladies are the pacers on the runDisney courses. Their purpose is not to instill fear […]

Best Race EVER! | Tuesdays on the Run

 We are talking about the best race we’ve ever run for the Tuesdays on the Run topic. Come link-up with hosts April, Erika, and me below.  It only takes a second to add your post. If you don’t want to talk about your best race, feel free to add any running related post! Best Race EVER! […]

2015 Tinker Bell Weekend Corrals, Waivers, and More!

It’s all ready for you, Fairies! runDisney updated the info on the site today. Here’s the links you need to start your magical Mother’s Day weekend as you run the 2015 Tinker Bell Weekend. Grab your waiver here. Match up your corrals:   And as usual, no, they did not give us a 10K corral […]

Tinker Bell: Let’s Discuss

Social media is wondering just what’s wrong with the Tinker Bell Half and Pixie Dust Challenge? Y’all… nothing.  I don’t think runDisney is worried. At least I wouldn’t be worried if I was them.  It’s going to sell out (today maybe?). After watching these races sell out in record time, it just feels weird to […]

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Mother’s Day 2015: How’s It Lookin’ To You?

Registration opens in early August for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2015.  My favorite race on the runDisney calendar- the one I actually LOVE running every year due to the perfect course, location, and weather.  Well, I did love it.  Ahem. My thoughts on the change of dates has been pretty well documented. But you […]

The Importance of a Great Costume at runDisney Races

Why do I runDisney?  Many, many reasons.  But probably the number one reason is because I’m a little kid at heart!  These races are some of the few where costumes are the rule rather than the exception.  And I love a good costume. My philosophy is simple:  since I’m probably not going to win, I […]

Blogger Down

Not really down but I’m going to be out for a while.  It’s finally THAT TIME for Family Shenanigans.   We are headed west! This week we have packers, movers, painters, cleaners, trucks and travels going on.   Oh Boy. I’m sure I will be “around” since I have this Internet addiction. True story- I went […]

Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2014 Race Recap

If you read my Tinker Bell 10K recap, you know I thought I found a new favorite runDisney race.  Well, I spoke too soon.  Tinker Bell is still my girl. The race began at 5am, something I fully support!  As a mid to back of the pack finisher, it sure is nice to get half […]

Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell. Tiiinnnkkkerrrr Beeeelllllll!!!!

I’ve been so crazy busy trying to get my family moved that I’ve hardly had time to reflect on this weekend.  It’s happening- I’m at the airport NOW- and I can’t WAIT to get this party started! Probably the only time I’ll be first this whole weekend! The Tinker Bell Half is my favorite of […]

Sum It Up Sunday- The Dopey Addition

First and foremost- CONGRATULATIONS to all the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend runners!  It’s Sum It Up Sunday the Dopey Edition. I’ve been watching you through the glorious social media channels and cheering you on.  Amazeballs. Dopey ChallengeIf you went Dopey this weekend, I’d love to hear how you are feeling!  Not right now, because […]