2016 Race Bling

We might do it for the bling- but seriously, why wouldn’t we? It’s a pretty sweet reward after a hard run effort. This week on Tuesdays on the Run we are showing off our 2016 race bling. Mine is all runDisney (NOT a big shocker) except for three local races. And that might be 3x’s […]

Run Your Own Race | Tuesdays on the Run

Hey there, running friends! It’s time to jump on board the Tuesdays on the Run link up and chat about our favorite topic: running. This week we want to know about your best running advice. What nuggets of wisdom were you given that you can pass along to the rest of the class? Link up […]

Summer Scenes From My Run | Tuesdays on the Run

Summer runnin’, had me a blast… Summer running, happened (not so) fast… Today’s topic for Tuesdays on the Run is scenes from my run: the summer edition. Show us what you saw while out there getting your summertime miles done! Races, training runs, even a walk with the fam counts. Let us know what you […]

Running Close to Home | Tuesdays On the Run

Link up with Erika,  Marcia and me for this week’s Tuesdays on the Run! This week we want to hear about your best local races. We know there is a wide variety of bloggers out there, running all over the country- heck, the world! Tell us about running close to home and which race you’d […]

My Ideal Running Weather | Tuesdays on the Run

Link up with Erika,  Marcia and me for this week’s Tuesdays on the Run! This week we want to know about your ideal running weather. Do you like it hot? I mean, yeah, don’t we all? But I mean when it comes to running- are you a cold runner, a warm weather runner or somewhere in […]

It Was So Nice I Ran It Thrice | Tuesdays on the Run

You know we like to pick your brain a bit around here. Tuesdays on the run is always looking at what makes you tick. Or tock. Or run or walk or whatever. This week we want to know if you prefer repeating races or finding new ones to run. Do you have a favorite standby […]

Where I Shop | Tuesdays on the Run

When you are a runner, you know you need gear. And lots of it. Today’s Tuesdays on the Run is all about shopping. How do you shop? Where do you “run” to when you need a last minute item? Do you have a favorite local running store or are you particular to online one stop […]

Dream Race Swag | Tuesdays on the Run

Tuesdays on the Run topic this week: your dream race swag. What would you like to see in your next swag bag at a race? Are you tired of shirts and want to see something a little different? Go ahead, dream BIG. Here’s your chance to tell us what would be cool to find at […]

2016 Goals Check In | Tuesdays on the Run

Tuesdays on the Run topic today: update us with your goals! Where are you going? Where are you currently? What changes do you plan to make to ensure you reach those goals? Let’s see how 2016 is treating us so far. If you aren’t a goal type person (um, I’m not!) then go ahead and […]

Five Favorite Race Foods | Tuesdays on the Run

Today we’re talking about Expo finds on Tuesdays on the Run. Most of the big races require a trip to the Expo where vendors are aplenty, and all can have fun! We’d love to hear what your biggest Expo score consisted of a new watch, new compression, maybe new fuel?  Or was it making a […]