Quick Tips to the 2017 D23 Expo For a Newbie

I just unpacked my 4th of July suitcase and I’m already prepping it for next week’s travels. The time is almost here to head to the west coast again (oh my gosh, y’all, I’ve missed it so!) and I couldn’t be more excited about the 2017 D23 Expo kicking off next week!This summer is slam […]

Pro Bowl 5k at Epcot and Parade at Magic Kingdom

Did you hear the news? The NFL Pro Bowl is coming to Orlando in 2017. That’s pretty cool for football fans who also happen to love the Walt Disney World Parks. Yep. I’m one of those! Even cooler is this news announced on USA Today.  Who would be up for a Pro Bowl themed 5k […]

Update: It’s Live! runDisney Virtual 5K, Anyone?

ETA 4.28.16.  You can read all about the series of virtual races here. There have been some rumors going around the past couple weeks about this one. We finally have some proof it’s in the works, thanks to our favorite intern Skippy. (Skippy is our pet name for the CM who makes all the mistakes […]

Dream Race Swag | Tuesdays on the Run

Tuesdays on the Run topic this week: your dream race swag. What would you like to see in your next swag bag at a race? Are you tired of shirts and want to see something a little different? Go ahead, dream BIG. Here’s your chance to tell us what would be cool to find at […]

2016 Tinker Bell Dooney and Bourke 

   They are here and ready for you to order! Will you be flying away with one on your arm this year? Order here                  

The Phoenix Half Marathon Recap

I’m currently icing a knee in bed (more on that in a minute) so I thought I’d write a few thoughts about the race today.  First of all, no, it’s not a Disney race.  Gasp! I know, I know.  My family was shocked too. Sometimes I actually do run normal ol’ races!  Granted, not often, […]

Monday Memes | The Day After Valentine’s Day

My Valentine’s Day looked a lot like this: Actually, it looked exactly like this.  We did an air high five and called it good.  Ha. Happy Valentine’s day, Mr. S! Monday Memes brought to you with love. How was your Valentine’s?  It had to be better than mine!

2016 Princess Half Marathon Event Guide, Corrals, Course Maps and More!

Are your tiaras packed?  How about those tutus?  Dinglehoppers and snarf blats? Because Princess Half Marathon 2016 is almost here! You can get all the information you need about the weekend through the event guide. EVENT GUIDE LINK First, find your bib number by printing your waiver through this link. The corrals can be found […]

2016 Star Wars 10K Race Recap

While I was running the Walt Disney World Marathon, I had one thought:  NOT running the Star Wars 10K or Half the following week. That sounded like the worst idea EVER to me, to be honest. Even after I got home and decompressed a bit, I wasn’t too thrilled about turning around and doing it […]

My Morning Protein with Milk | FitBit Giveaway

Protein all day is how I roll.  It’s what works for me from an energy standpoint as well as a weight loss catalyst. I was not exactly shocked to hear that American’s aren’t eating enough protein in general.  But I was surprised to learn that we are slacking big time in our morning protein choices. […]