The F Word and Weight Loss with Jenny Craig

It’s no secret around here that I am on a weight loss journey. If you’ve stuck with me through the ups and downs:  Thank You.  I mean that.  I know it has to be frustrating to watch someone yo-yo, but I promise I’m not doing it on purpose! My eventual weight loss goal is to […]

Atkins All Day | $50 Amex Gift Card And Product Giveaway

I’ve partnered with Atkins on the #AtkinsAllDay campaign.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own honest beliefs.   Last fall I had a fantastic experience with Atkins Nutritionals and lost 3.5 pounds within the first 5 days on the plan.  And it didn’t stop there. I’ve gained a little weight back (ugh).  It’s […]

When a Win Doesn’t Look Like a Win

I’ve been in… gosh, I’m not sure… a funk? A slump? A flunky-schlump? It’s been pretty bad inside my head for the past 3 weeks or so.  Okay, really more like all spring and into the summer.  But really coming to a head these last few weeks. There’s nothing major going on, no crisis or […]

Go To Disney: For Your Health

This is what I’ve been saying. I’m still overweight because I don’t go to Disney… enough.   No, really, it’s not a load of BS. There’s SCIENCE to back me up on this, y’all! did the research and this is what they found:   It’s why I need to go to Walt Disney World […]

Shaking Things Up | Atkins Shake Review

I’ve been talking about the Atkins 40 plan and Atkins diet for a couple of months now.  Here’s a link to the first week I spent on the plan to refresh your memory on how it went. Now that the New Year has rolled around (hello 2015!) I know thoughts of Resolutions and change are […]

Learn About Carbs with Atkins

Remember back in May when I signed up for that marathon thingy and swore I was going to get some of these pounds off? Yeaaaahhhh… about that…. I’m here to admit, confess, whatever that I’ve had the usual mixed results. Le Sigh. On one front, I’m doing well. I’m still running. More than ever actually. […]

So How’s That Weight Loss Going?

A few months back I decided to be honest with myself and jump back into my weight loss efforts with gusto. It worked.  For a bit.  I played 3 successful rounds of DietBet and the scale was becoming my friend.  Really, it was! I took some bad advice and I took a break from my […]

Step Away From The Treadmill- Wait, What Did She Say?!

In my efforts to kick bootay (my own) and win at both my DietBet AND my health, I read a book I found laying around.  Confession: a book I bought with great intentions last fall and never read.  And never even opened.  I allowed it, along with my fitness goals, to get lost in the […]

DietBet: Week 1 Update

We made it through the first week, fellow DietBet players! Three more to go.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check this previous post to catch up with the group.  It’s ok, we will wait. All caught up?  GREAT!  So how are we doing?  As a group it looks like we lost […]

Sum It Up Sunday

It’s quickly turning into a new tradition: the late night Sum It Up Sunday.  I have these grand plans to actually you know, plan out my weeks and my days.  Ahem.  But those plans never quite fall into place like I expect. Today I had an excuse though.  I spent a lovely afternoon with my […]