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Because: 19.3 Miles | I’m Securing My Oxygen Mask First

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Disclosure Massage

I just got back from a race vacation weekend, or racecation if you will. ?They are the absolute BEST… but man, so exhausting!

I have to laugh: there’s not much in the normal vacation part (think lounging around, being pampered on a beach somewhere) when it comes to these race weekends. ?They are a lot of work and physical exertion, all compounded by being at Disney.

I’m tired, yo!

smallest violin

Yeah, I know. ?I hear ya: Poor, poor, poooor Shenanigans. ?Trust me, my husband is saying the same thing.

I get it; I do. ?And I’m not complaining, I promise. ?It’s all entirely worth it, but in addition to the races there are hours of additional time spent on your feet walking the parks and standing in lines. ?All self imposed to be sure, but draining none the less.

I come home from these events highly satisfied and with a relaxed mind but in need of some extra TLC for my body.

Not too long ago I shared my tips for racecation prep. ?Included in that post was my all time favorite suggestion: ?book your post-race massage.

GUYS. ?I cannot express enough how important it is to take care of your body as a parent, as a runner, and as a human being!

Because it’s important for you to take a moment for yourself just for yourself.

I’m going to confess it right here and right now: I’m a believer in self-care. ?In case you haven’t caught on to that with the title of my blog, I believe in taking care of myself and doing it without any mom-guilt. ?There is no shame in putting mom first sometimes.

You know the pre-flight talk from the flight attendants? ?For the past 41-years, every flight I’ve been on has included these instructions:

If cabin pressure should change, panels above your seat will open revealing oxygen masks; reach up and pull a mask towards you. Place it over your nose and mouth, and secure with the elastic band, that can be adjusted to ensure a snug fit. The plastic bag will not fully inflate, although oxygen is flowing. Secure your own mask first before helping others.

O2 mask

When I’m tired and down, it’s not good for my family. ?I have to secure my mask first?before I can help them, right?

And that’s why I’m a believer in running, working out, and doing whatever it takes to keep my body healthy. ?For me, that includes a post-race rub down from Massage Envy when needed.

And right now? ?Oh man, it’s so needed.

Self-care is part of life, and I believe part of being the best wife and mother I can be. ?There is no better self-care for me than getting the massage I have scheduled this afternoon.

We all have a “Because Moment” or moments, or you know, this thing called LIFE that sometimes requires a little re-set and fine tuning of our bodies and minds.

This is my “Because Moment” today: 19.3 miles.

Because I need to reset my body after a lot of work (and play) over the weekend. ?Because my family is coming to town for Thanksgiving next week and I need to be my best for them. ?Because I know I’m better when I give myself some extra attention.

Because: life happens. ?This video basically sums up why I think massage is a great addition to your personal care routine.


I laughed HARD at the “Because: the next 6 seconds”.

That could be me at the start of the race, except it would be “Because: the next 13.1 miles.”

Who’s feeling me on that one?

Everyone has a “Because Moment”. ?What’s yours today?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.