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This is the final Tuesdays on the Run for 2016. And if you are like me, you are ok with saying goodbye to this year!

Here are the topics for the next month, if you like to plan ahead!

  • January 3 Runners Resolutions
  • January 10 Racecation or Weekend Warrior (do you travel for races or try to race close to home more often?)
  • January 17 Fave winter running gear
  • January 24 What’s your limit (to the price of a race?)
  • January 31 Hat tip to Run with No Regrets & Janelle: Rate your month of running. Was it an A+ or a respectable B— or do you give it a big fat F?

For this week: tell us what you learned about running in 2016? What are your big takeaways?

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2016 Running Takeaways: Find Balance

My running takeaway is simple: running is just like life. You get out what you put into it.

And I didn’t put enough into running this year to leave 2016 feeling great. I’m not going all Debbie Downer or hating this past year because a lot of it was pretty great.

But I am mourning the fact that I didn’t do what I should have done this past training cycle. And I won’t give excuses or reasons, it’s just simply a fact. I let 2016 slip by as far as running is concerned.

I had a great 2016 outside of running with personal and professional success. But I’m pretty sure some of that came at the expense of my running allotment for the year. Hell, I know that’s what happened. I worked more- which meant I took advantage of my downtime completely by shutting all the way down.

Since I don’t love running, skipping those runs was an easy choice to make when I decided a break was needed.

And that is not healthy for my life in more ways than one!

So I need to find the balance that allows work, personal and running to all coexist.

And I’m sure this is the same tune sung by many of us out there. It’s always about finding the balance.

But dang, yo, balance is HARD! Especially when you are a deep-ender like myself. I tend to go all in on a project and forget about the other things around me. Which then leaves to rush and panic trying to get the other things done in life. And rush and panic should not apply to your training cycles. Ever.

But that’s kinda been my life lately. And it’s draining.

I’ve never done those “pick a word for the year” things, but this year it feels like I need it.

Balance is the word for 2017 and this is the reasons I’m giving behind it:

balance quote word of the year

I have goals and things I want to achieve, but I’m clearly not making the choices aligned with that.

2017, I’m coming for you!

Do you have a word for 2017 or one that defined your 2016?

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  • 2016? It was challenging. I had some really awesome moments. But man, the lows were low! If I could wish anything for 2017, it would be steady. No highs and lows. i want to be even-steven.

  • I give you so much credit for actually saying you don’t LOVE running. I see so many posts with dramatic quotes talking about the fundamental need to run more powerful than any other force. I can’t help reading them and thinking, ” come on really?” Like we should be ashamed if we’re not constantly, buoyantly in love with running. I like your word for 2017 and think I could use more balance in my life as well!

    • patty says:

      Ha- yeah, I suppose there are some people that have that connection to running. That is NOT me. I have moments of love mixed in with many more moments of meh. But I do recognize that it helps me mentally and physically, so I keep doing it. Even if I lack the love. Thanks Lindsay!

  • Balance sounds like a great word. I definitely need to find a better balance next year. Luckily running is always on my happy list, so it doesn’t get shoved aside too often.

  • I am not good about picking a word…. I am very happy with my 2016 accomplishments as I am extremely goal oriented and always put a plan into place to achieve those gloats. I have learned to be more patient with myself, and lighten up. So if I had to pick one for 2016, I think patience would be it. 2016 was quite intense and I need some downtime. No major running goals for me in the near future.

  • I appreciate your honesty. I think all of us “don’t love” running all the time, no matter how hard we try to convince others (and ourselves) of that fact. Running is fun and SO rewarding, but it is WORK and is not always glittering finish lines and guaranteed PR’s.

  • Jessica S says:

    I feel the same in a lot of ways. I had to put more effort into my job, which I think might be why I got so much slower this year (that and the weight I gained when I took my eye off of the weight-maintenance ball!). I just didn’t have the energy to put into pushing my pace because I had so much attention elsewhere. Maybe next year will be different or maybe I’ll just learn to love my new pace. Have a great New Year!

    • patty says:

      Loving the new pace isn’t my issue- having a pace, is the issue! lol I just need to move more. I can live with being slower than I once was, but I really dislike this not running place I’ve put myself into.

  • Teresa says:

    I get it ….I’m not always in love with running either. Actually, it’s usually when I’m injured and can’t run that all of the sudden I’m desperately in love with it! 🙂 (which is where I’m at right now) Then when I can run, I usually don’t like getting started but always glad I did it when it’s over. So yes, I don’t believe everyone is in love with running all of the time. Due to injuries, I’ve really enjoyed cross training this year and think I will focus on another “sport”, if you will, for 2017. Sometimes a change is just what is needed! Best wishes for a wonderful 2017!

  • Rachel says:

    Balance is SO HARD. It’s always a juggling act over here. I can totally relate. I wish you much running success in 2017!

  • Jenn says:

    I’m sorry 2016 didn’t go quite as planned as far as running, but I imagine that the break allowed you to figure out where you want to be and you’ll get back to it with renewed enthusiasm! Running is hard, and I think even the people who love it don’t like it all the time. Nothing wrong with that. Just set those goals and go for them! Happy New Year!

  • Tamieka says:

    I love your 2017 word!

    Word for 2016: Determination
    Word for 2017: TBD

    Even though I raced alot this year, I actually did significantly less training and it showed in my performance and desire to run.
    It will be better in2017!

  • I so agree with you about needing balance. That was off for most of my year until I started adding yoga back into the mix. It helps to counteract the neurotic running tendencies I have.

  • You know that post going around facebook with the scrolling words and if you screenshot, it will tell you the word you need for 2017? i got Balance 🙂 I just need to hold on for 2 more months-finish this dissertation and get back to a less stressful life haha

  • Focusing on balance is a great goal for next year…I may need to steal that!

    Oh and you know I’ll have to participate in grading my month of running in January 😉 – thanks for the shoutout!

    It’s definitely tough juggling all the things we want to do. Don’t be too hard on yourself – running is always there when you’re ready to get back into it!

  • Jen says:

    I tried to respond yesterday, but for some reason it looks like it didn’t go through. If you’re approving posts and you get this twice, I apologize for spamming you!

    2016 running came to a stop for me over the summer when my uterus decide to take over my life. I had to DNS the LA Rock and Roll in October and I just cancelled my reservations for the AZ Rock and Roll. If all goes as planned, my uterus is going in the medical waste pile in early February. I’m hoping and praying that the surgery and recovery are smooth and that I’m back on my feet to do Tink in May. I guess my 2017 word at the moment is “hope.” It’s hard when you think you can do anything and you find out that what you’re facing might be a bit more difficult than you think it’ll be.

    • patty says:

      My site was acting wonky- so it was not sent through the other day!

      Jen- BUMMER. That had to suck this year. All those cancellations and bib costs gone! Ugh! But I like your word, and I will hope along with you for a smoother 2017. Healthy thoughts coming your way.

  • I am totally with you with needing to find that balance between running and everything else. I can also get into an all-or-nothing approach to things and figuring it all out is definitely a work in progress. Hope you have a great 2017!

  • Balance was my word for 2016! But I tend to be more focused on running and let fun and relationships fall to the wayside, so I was much better about that this year. Thanks for posting the themes for the next few weeks. Look forward to joining this linkup more often. Here’s to a great 2017!

  • Clarinda says:

    First, thanks so much for the January topics! I’m looking forward to some great posts next month. 🙂

    Balance is a great word for next year. Best of luck to you! I’ve never really chosen a word to focus on throughout the year.

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