2017 runDisney Dark Side Dooneys

It’s as if a million voices cried out at once… GASP.

Feeling a little Dark? Then these are the bags for you.

I’m not a big Dooney person, but the Force is strong here.

Want the bags?

Run the Dark Side! And yes, I still have a few bibs left. Let me know if you need this in your life and we can make it happen.



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Patty Holliday

Patty is a 40-ish mother of four living in Virginia. A bit geeky, sometimes sarcastic, lover of a candid confession. She's trying to love running, she swears. But much like her marathon, it’s taking a very long time. Ahem. She's searching for the perfect way to balance family, work, travel, and fitness. Perfect defined as high on fun, low on guilt.

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