2017 runDisney Virtual Running Shorts

Last year runDisney started something new. They held their first ever runDisney Virtual Running Shorts: a chance for runners to participate in runDisney events anywhere they want to during the summer.

It seemed to be a big hit.

runDisney announced late last year that the series would be back for 2017.

rundisney virtual medals for 2017 are Pluto themed

This year the theme of the medals will be Pluto and you are encouraged to take your favorite four-legged friend with you on your run!

You can sign up for your 2017 runDisney virtual series here.

This year there will be a finishers website with a downloadable finisher certificate.

runDisney Virtual running shorts

Here are the details you’ll need to participate in the series.


2017 runDisney Virtual Running Shorts

Virtual Running Shorts Series Highlights:

  • 3.1-mile run on course of runner’s choosing
  • Share your experiences at #runDisneyShorts

Virtual Running Shorts Series Participants Receive:

  • Commemorative Pluto Series Finisher Medal in addition to the Dog Tag, Dog Bowl and Dog House Finisher Medals*
  • Coolcore Towel*
  • Downloadable Series Digital Race Bib
  • Finisher Site with Downloadable Certificate
  • Commemorative Dog Tag and Collapsible Bowl**

Dates, times, prices and inclusions subject to change.

*You must register for the Virtual Running Shorts Series to receive the Running Shorts Pluto Series Medal and Coolcore towel in addition to individual race medals.

**You must register by April 30, 2017 to receive the commemorative dog tag and collapsible dog bowl.

rundisney virtual medals are here: register today to runDisney at home!



  • Emily says:

    OMG those medals looks so cute. I’m sure my friend gonna like this because she’s a big fan of Disney. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jennifer K. says:

    Thanks for sharing the sign up link! Was able to get in now stress free as an international participant. Liked last year’s and looking forward to this year’s though a bit disappointed that medals weren’t pre-race revealed.

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