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2017 Star Wars Dark Side Event Guide, Corrals, Course Maps

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Corrals and Waivers are up!

If this is your first Walt Disney World race (welcome, Light Siders!), you may want to check out how it’s different from a Disneyland event.

Good luck- and may the Force be with you, runners.

2017 Star Wars Dark Side Event Guide, Corrals, Course Maps



Grab your waiver HERE. You’ll need the number at the bottom to get your corral placement.


Warning: according to the event guide, there will not be a lot of corrals for this race. They will be big and they will be released with extra time between them if this holds.

Don’t be surprised if you are running in a corral very different than last years race!


This one is different guys.

No parking at Magic Kingdom to start. And no monorail access to the race start either.

Runners will be prohibited from accessing the start corrals from Floridian Way or Seven Seas Drive. Runners must access the start corrals through the parking lot in the Magic Kingdom? parking lot. Runners who try to access the start corrals from any other area are subject to disqualification. Runner drop off will be available in the Charter Lot at Magic Kingdom? Park by the Transportation and Ticket Center off of Seven Seas Drive or the Charter Lot at Epcot?.

It looks like a 15-20 minute walk to the corrals, though, which is similar to the way the Epcot races are set up. Give yourself a lot of time!


Be sure to check it out here. It’s still the electronic option and it doesn’t look like runDisney is changing this format anytime soon. Boo!

Course Maps

From the event guide, we get the first look at what the races will look like this year.



This one and the half are starting in the TTC parking lot.

Very interesting for those staying at the monorail resorts!

Half Marathon

Finishing the full marathon through World Showcase was awesome: I’m thrilled to see that happening for this race!

Dark Side looks like it’s going to be a fun race as you essentially run the back half of the marathon course (minus the much hated Wide World of Sports section).

What do you think about the new course? 

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Sunday 9th of April 2017

Thanks, Patty for this info! I've run in 7 DL runDisney race weekends but Dark Side 2017 will be my first WDW race...gotta get that Kessel Run Medal (before it goes away for good)! I also read your DL vs. WDW post. Sheesh...3 AM bus to the corral?! Crazy!


Monday 3rd of April 2017

Thanks Patty. You're site is great. It's going to be my first runDisney event and the site has been a great source for information and entertainment. Can't wait for the challenge!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.