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2018 Running Bling! Tuesdays on the Run

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All About the BLING!

I’m not going to lie – I have been looking forward to writing this post for QUITE some time.  

I knew at the beginning of the year, this would be a big year of running for me. I was right!

Heres the big ol’ list of races run in 2018, and the winner of my favorite race and favorite medal, per category.


5K Races in 2018 – 6 Total

  • Walt Disney World 5K, January
  • Princess 5K, February
  • Rock n Roll Dallas 5K, February
  • Star Wars 5K, April
  • Melon Dash 5K, August
  • Wine & Dine 5K, November

My favorite of these races was definitely the Star Wars 5K.  Our costumes were beyond epic (we went as the walls!)and I laughed a LOT during that race!!



… and my favorite out of all of these medals would have to be Wine & Dine! Lady and the Tramp holds a special place in my heart.

My daughter Evelyn was absolutely obsessed with the movie when she was tiny, her very first Disney obsession has now become one of mine!


lady and the tramp 5K medal


10K Races in 2018 – 6 Total

  • Walt Disney World 10K, January
  • Princess 10K, February
  • Star Wars 10K, April
  • Memorial Day 10K, May
  • Too Hot to Handle 10K, July
  • Wine & Dine 10K, November

My favorite of these races would have to be the Too Hot to Handle 10K in July… I *almost* hit a PR at this race (and it was SO HOT!) but missed it by seconds.

It was this race that made me really see all the hard work I had been putting in was starting to pay off!

Believe it or not, this beats the ACTUAL PR I set at Wine & Dine in November! That was great, too, but there was something special about that small little Dallas race!


too hot to handle medal 2018


My favorite of these medals… hmm… probably Merida from the Princess 10K in February. 

I dig the design, and love me some Merida!


merida 10K medal


Half Marathon Races in 2018

  • Walt Disney World Half, January
  • Princess Half Marathon, February
  • Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon, February
  • Fairview Half Marathon, April
  • Star Wars Half Marathon, April
  • Wine and Dine Half Marathon, November

My favorite of these races, hands down, was Princess. 

This was the race where I made some AMAZING friends on the course – completely stepping out of my comfort zone.  I also did something I never, ever thought I would have the courage to do – the Dead Last Start. 

I’ll be writing more on this at a later date – but there was no question that this was my favorite half marathon in 2018! 

It was honestly probably my second favorite race of all time when I really think about it. 



My favorite medal – well – this one is harder to choose. 

It would probably have to be WDW in January… since the year before was canceled. 

Finally getting that Donald medal that I didn’t get to earn the year before… well, that was something special.  



Full Marathon Races in 2018

Let’s just stop here for one second while I point out that a full marathon is even on my list. 

Now, let’s point out that there are TWO OF THEM.


It’s just so shocking.


  • Walt Disney World Marathon, January
  • Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon, December

So this is an easier list.  Best race?  Walt Disney World.  It was the most fun I have ever had running a race ever in my entire life.  I will forever be chasing (ha!) the feeling I got while on that course and finishing the way I finished.  That was THE. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

That marathon was my most favorite race of all time.



I mean, look at that crazy person.

Moving on to the best medal?  TIE.

Whatever it’s my list they can tie if I want them to tie!

The Walt Disney World medal is fantastic – beautiful, spinning, huge… I love everything about it.  Plus it was followed by the best Dopey medal EVER.



The Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon medal has everything I love about Texas right there. 

Music! Oil! Boots! THE ALAMO! HATS!! GLITTER!!!

Plus?  I actually DID PR this marathon. 

By a lot. 

And it’s another super special experience I will forever cherish (even though that marathon HURT lol)!!



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