5 Reasons to Buy runDisney Bibs With a Travel Agent

The 2017/2018 runDisney season goes on sale this week and once again, Magical Miles Travel will have race bibs, discounted tickets, and hotel options for you. But why should you purchase through us? Here are five reasons to buy runDisney bibs with a travel agent.

But first: if you are looking for Disneyland Half bibs here you go. We are selling them NOW at Go Magical Miles Travel.

So many runDisney runners avoid using a Travel Agent. I get it; I was once one of you.


But then I used a travel agent service for a bib once and learned a few things.

And then I became a travel agent who sells bibs and learned, even MORE, things.

And since I’m still a blogger, I’m passing these nuggets on to you.


Five Reasons to Buy Your Bibs From a runDisney Travel Agent

Here’s the official blurb from runDisney about travel providers:

Why book with a runDisney Travel provider?
There are many benefits to booking your Disneyland® Half Marathon Weekend trip with one of the Travel Providers participating in the runDisney Travel Provider Program:

      • Personalized guest service and communication from our Participating Travel providers.
      • Guaranteed and specially-priced Runner Packages, even if races sell out.
      • Specially-priced Disneyland® Resort Hotel rates.
      • Specially-priced Disneyland® Resort Theme Park Tickets.
      • Ability to pay for your Disneyland® Half Marathon Weekend vacation over time**.
      • Ease of mind – leave the travel planning to the experts so you can focus on your training!

*Every Travel Provider is different, so please be sure to contact them directly for specific payment options.

Yes, all that is true. And yes, at Magical Miles Travel, we can help with payment plans.

But here are a few more items that are not included in the official runDisney blurb.

magical miles website


Just sayin’. You aren’t going to pay extra when you buy through a travel provider, and in some cases, we might be able to get you a better deal. Seriously. We have discounts on some room packages, and at Disneyland races, we offer discounted tickets.

We work for you; we don’t work for Disney. That means that we want to make your trip special and your race magical. We will stay on the phone to make the changes or send those emails to get clarifications, so you don’t have to.


The official runDisney policy states there are no transfers, no deferrals, no refunds. No, no, no.

Magical Miles says: yes, no, and maybe.

We CAN help you transfer your bib. As a travel provider, we are allowed that grace where buying straight through runDisney locks you into your purchase. If an injury happens? Kiss that expensive Dopey bib buh-bye if you visited runDisney.com to get your bib.

We can’t defer your bib since deferrals are a dead deal now. But see transfer option above. You can still get your money back when you book with a TA.

I hesitate to share this, but hey, I’m transparent, and my boss is in Mexico.

We can consider individual circumstances for refunds.

There have been instances where someone bought a bib one day and got a positive pregnancy test the next. And we said Mazel Tov and refunded the bib price.

Look- we get it. Life happens and in certain circumstances we will do what we can to help you out. We can’t refund everyone, and we can’t promise it will happen, but we can promise to work with you as best we can.



We sell travel insurance to protect your investment, and yes, that includes the cost of the bib.

You have every intention of running this race but something crazy in your life happened, and the doctor says you may not travel to Disney for the event.

Through runDisney, that’s money lost. Gone. Disappeared and never to be found again.

Through purchasing travel insurance with a travel provider such as Magical Miles, that claim can be submitted and money returned. I’m not legally allowed to discuss details of the trip insurance, but I absolutely can send that info your way if you want to research it yourself.


But hear me out.

This gets a little tricky, but be assured we do our best to do what’s right for YOU. We are beholden to runDisney’s rules per our contracts, however.

Walt Disney World Races: all bibs must be sold as a package that includes bibs, tickets, and rooms. Don’t be scared: you were going to book a room and buy tickets anyway. You know it, and I know it, and heck, Disney knows it which is why they required it.

If you are an AP holder, there are options for you to waive the ticket requirement. If you are a DVC holder, sorry, we can’t book DVC rooms in the place of the room requirement. #WhompWhomp

Marathon Medal Castle

Disneyland Races: all bibs must be sold with a one-day, one park ticket. BUT they are 100% transferrable. You are welcome to do whatever you want with them.

And we do try to work with AP holders who do not need the tickets. Sometimes we have a waitlist for folks who are looking for more tickets at a discount and we can sell your ticket for you.

See? We have options!


Have you ever called Disney or runDisney? And hung up, called right back, and gotten a totally different Cast Member who gives you a different answer?

Uh huh. I know, it’s frustrating.

With a travel agent, you have one point of contact. If we don’t know the answer, we have people that will get us the answer! People that are not just the front line phone folks, either- we know people. Our relationships help you get what you need.

AND- not only do we love Disney, and we sell Disney, but we also runDisney.

Go Magical Miles has been at every race in 2016. This means we are the Hokas on the ground if something should go wrong while you are at the race.



The whole travel agent process can sometimes be a pain, especially for the folks who have run all the races before.

I’ll admit it.

It’s why I avoided going the TA route for bibs for many years.

This booking process can involve more people and can sometimes take a bit longer since we are working directly through runDisney and their processes.

But I hope you see how some of the benefits can outweigh the extra steps sometimes involved. Including the fact that we are working directly with runDisney!

Some examples of how being our client can benefit you:

We’ve been able to get extra bibs for clients when Aunt Jane decided to run Princess last minute; we’ve been able to nab an elusive kids race bib here and there. When the Captain America 5K medal was released, boom, we were able to procure extra bibs for all the runners who asked for them. And a lot of runners wanted those bad boys!


We have the relationships & contacts that help make magic happen- relationships that can’t be forged through Active.com, just sayin’!

If you have any questions, send them my way. patty@gomagicalmiles.com

The Disneyland Half Marathon goes on sale today for Annual Passholders and next week for everyone.

And also: you want a bib for year 5 of Dumbo Dare? We are selling them NOW.

Go Magical Miles Travel


  • Jen says:

    I read a blip somewhere that they’re opening registration even earlier than it’s been before. I’m guessing because they haven’t had sell outs, but it’s interesting that with people complaining about an eight month lead-in, they’d increase it to almost a year.

  • Jennifer Donnals says:

    Hi, Patty. Could I get a bib for me, but the room and park tickets for my husband and me? (In other words, do we BOTH have to run the races to get a package?)
    Also, how does the paying over time work? I MIGHT be able to talk my husband into taking me to the Disneyland Half.

  • Joee says:

    Hi Patty.
    This is our first run we are going to do. I take it the Neverland 5k in May is sold out, right? If so, I need to talk about booking a package for the one in August.

  • JT says:

    Just wondering if you have any bibs for the supehero kids races? I’m running the half and my son is heartbroken he can’t join. Thanks!

  • Minerva Ake says:

    Do you still have spots for the Goofy half challenge? We are 2 friends +1 only running the Marathon. All 3 in one rooms. Help!

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