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5 Ways To Eat Leftover Ham | Recipes

Does your fridge look like mine? Leftover Ham, deviled eggs, and pasta salad? Here are 5 ways to use your leftover holiday ham that your family will love.


After church, after a wonderful afternoon touring DC, and after a fabulous ham dinner made by my mother, I realized I had a small problem.

Well, a BIG problem actually. We had a ton of leftover ham from our holiday meal.

And my mom was leaving on Tuesday. Which means I’d be left alone with all this ham and I had NO ideas on what to do with it.

I needed recipes STAT to slip this baby into every meal for the next five days.

Mostly because I forget to defrost things so having the main protein already cooked will get me halfway to dinner. And that’s your Monday confession from this Mom.

Here are some recipes from Pinterest that look ah-mazing. And easy. And like something my family will be ALL about.


5 Ways to Eat Leftover Ham

What I like about this one is that everyone loves a sandwich around here.

And if I close my eyes and maybe add a little powdered sugar, I can pretend I’m eating it at Disneyland’s Cafe Orleans.


This one has BBQ sauce and pineapple. And ham.

Really- do I need to say anything more? YUM.


You had me at “10-minutes to make.”

See above about forgetting things- that includes that dinner rolls around every dang night.

Why didn’t people warn me that kids would want to be fed EVERY night?

So yeah, quick and easy works over here.


Cheesy potato anything is a win in my house.

Cheesy potato soup with leftover ham makes me a happy Shenanigans!

And breakfast for dinner: a weekly staple.

I like this because I can make it up early in the day when I’m feeling especially Betty Crocker-like and it can chill in the fridge until dinner.


Tell me your best recipe for leftover holiday ham!


5 recipes to eat your leftover Easter ham: monte cristo, egg casserole, BBQ kabobs, ham and cheese soup and easy ham salad! YUM!

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