96.9 Things I Miss From Arizona

On this Monday-est of all Wednesdays, I’m sharing a little random. Basically, this is me avoiding all the laundry, dishes, dirty bathrooms, and all the unpacking that follows my annual trip to the Princess Half Marathon. There is one thing I miss above all other from Arizona since the move, and it’s probably not what you think.

So there’s something I miss from Arizona since the move, and it’s probably not what you think.

It’s not the weather.

Do you have an ideal running weather? Not too hot- not too cold- just right. I know I do! I think I'm the Goldilocks of runners. Talk to us about your best race conditions. Funny- this sounds about like mine!

This Goldilocks girl has LUCKED OUT with the extremely mild NOVA “winter” so far. Knock on wood, that snow shovel display I keep side-eyeing at Wegman’s will remain untouched by me this year.

And it’s not the food.

I don’t miss it because honestly, we have everything you could ask for here. And in my family, “everything” consists of our beloved TexMex from Chuy’s, so we are way good! Probably too good. I think we ate there four times the first week we arrived. Don’t judge- we had to make up for lost time.

I don’t exactly miss my friends because I still talk to them every day, thank you, Al Gore, Mark Zuckerberg, and the Internet. Frankly, I wasn’t the best neighbor anyway, so this change isn’t all that much of a change when it comes to my local pals. Anywhooo…

So what do I miss?

I miss my morning radio show. Random, I know.

Mathew & Priscilla from the Mathew Blades Show (credit: iHeart radio)

Mathew and Priscilla, I heart you.

True fact: Mix 96.9 is maybe the only radio station in the morning that I’ve ever NOT hated on a daily basis.

So here’s the deal. I’ve lived in seven states as an adult, and at least twice as many cities- so I’ve heard a lot of different morning radio teams.

And they all are annoying AF.

Every single last one annoyed me on a daily basis to the point that I’d punch off the volume whenever they started talking and punch it back on approximately 2.5 minutes later when I was sure music would be coming back on. My mornings were a constant battle of me stabbily punching that volume button off and on and off again absolutely driving my kids crazy on the way to school.

And I’m a morning person! So I imagine all y’all non-morning people must really hate the radio in the mornings.

I mean, it’s not just me, right? I don’t know what is wrong with morning radio, but man, the struggle is real.

But this morning team is different. They are actually funny without trying too hard. I love that Mathew is the biggest girl you’ve ever met and that Priscilla, a fearless mom of two, doesn’t hide the fact that hitting up Las Vegas is her JAM. They are relatable and real and I miss having them on my car radio every morning.

Thankfully I don’t have to go without: iHeart Radio has an app and I have unlimited data on my phone. Again, God bless Al Gore.


My morning show is back.

Of course, it’s a little confusing hearing the weather updates, but I’ll be smuggly laughing over here when the temps in Arizona start heating up. Suck it, 118 degree July. That is one thing I will NEVER miss.

Suck it, 118 degree July. That is one thing I will NEVER miss.

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