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4 Adorable Toy Story Land Instagram Worthy Walls

Toy Story Land is now open at Disney World- and it’s the rootinest, tootinest Land in the wild, wild west! And of course, it’s full of Disney photo ops. Get in on the latest Disney Instagram walls craze with these NEW Toy Story Land Instagram Walls: Block Wall, Popsicle Stick Wall, Checkerboard Wall and the Andy Wall. Play Big at Toy Story Land and don’t forget the hashtags! Thanks, Disney, for inviting me and the TravelingMoms to preview #ToyStoryLand.


The new Disney Instagram Wall: Popsicle Wall at Toy Story Land!

The new Disney Instagram Wall: Popsicle Wall at Toy Story Land! Photo: Brini Vigil from Play, Party, Plan


You’ve got a friend in me, you’ve got a friend in me! When you need to know where to find all the Disney Instagram worthy walls– you know I’ll point you in the right direction for the perfect selfie.

When I entered Toy Story Land this week, I felt like I was on a mission from Sarge: Move it, people, move it! Find those walls! And after chatting with Disney World Ambassador Brandon Peters, I knew there would be some great finds in Toy Story Land.

I heard about one of these Disney Instagram Walls before we went in, but there were two more that I found just delightful. I know you’re going to want to make these a “thing” so let’s get to it!

Protip: Be searchable! Don’t forget to use #ToyStoryLand when you post, along with the wall specific hashtags. 


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4 Adorable Toy Story Land Instagram Worthy Walls

I mentioned one of these walls in my Toy Story Land details post (there are five cute touches you don’t want to miss!) but I found two more that are perfect for The ‘Gram.

Get into Toy Story Land and start sharing those pictures. The internet needs more wall photos- I mean, duh, right?


I present for your future IG postings the Block Wall, the Andy Wall, the Checkerboard Wall, and the Popsicle Stick Wall. Hashtags to use as well as where to find these Disney Instagram walls included!


1. Toy Story Land Instagram Walls: The Block Wall

So we had a bucket of these blocks at my Grandmas house. Every year, twice a year, we visited her and she’d pull all the toys out of the closet for the grandkids to play with.

The blocks were my favorite. I loved the feel of them in my hands and of course, the colors were so much fun!

When my friend Emille from the Disney Parks Moms Panel showed me her picture in front of the #BlockWall, I knew this would be my first stop! I even made an Instagram account for this one- because, well, it’s adorable!

And it was. And I love it. And you need to go there for your pics too.




Think of all the cute poses you can put here in front of this wall! And it’s conveniently located right by the Cooties bathroom.

You’ll find this slice of Disney Instagram wall heaven just to the left of the water fountains. You can’t miss it!


Disney Instagram Walls Toy Story Land Block Wall


To get to this wall, walk through Toy Story Land go head towards the Alien Swirling Saucer.

If you’re looking for something big that stands out as a landmark, spot the HUGE Buzz Lightyear that’s in front of the ride!


Disney Instagram Walls Toy Story Land Block Wall


2. Toy Story Land Instagram Walls: the Andy Wall

When you’re done with the Block Wall, walk a few feet over to Andy’s Wall.

Bonus points (because, sure, I’m giving those away!) if you bring your own Andy to Toy Story Land for this one!



Disney Instagram Walls Andy's Wall


This one might be short-lived, so be sure to snap a photo while you can. The reason I say this is due to its location.

You’ll find Andy’s Wall at the back of Toy Story Land, which looks like it might open up eventually and be a pathway toward Star Wars Land (Galaxy’s Edge).

It may not- but… just in case! Get this one in while you can because it’s super cute.


Disney Instagram Walls Andy's Wall

Play big at Disney World’s Toy Story Land Instagram Walls. Photo: Desertchica.com Karen Heffren.


3. Toy Story Land Instagram Walls: The Popsicle Stick Wall

So one of the details I noticed right off were these super cute Popsicle stick benches around the land.

It looks like Andy made them after he finished his summertime snack- he’s a creative kiddo, so it totally makes sense that he’d see a way to use these leftover Popsicle sticks!


Popsicle stick bench at Toy Story Land Disney World


Just so cute, right?

Andy must really love Popsicles because he found some more and created an entire wall out of them! The Popsicle Stick Wall is going to be THE Disney Instagram wall of the summer.

Which totally makes sense since Popsicles are THE snack of the summer- at least around my house they are! And judging by how many re-purposed sticks I saw around Toy Story Land, I’d say they are pretty big to Andy as well.



The new Disney Instagram Wall: Popsicle Wall at Toy Story Land!

The new Disney Instagram Wall: Popsicle Wall at Toy Story Land! Photo: Brini Vigil from Play, Party, Plan


To get to this Disney Instagram wall, you’ll need to play a game first! But don’t worry- you’ll love this one because it’s an old favorite.

Get in line for Toy Story Mania (by the way- there’s a new entrance inside Toy Story Land starting on June 30th with a new queue too!), snag that high score, and on your way out- look for the Popsicle Stick Wall.

The colors change a little depending on the time of day, too.  This one was closer to sunset while the other was taken around noon.


The new Disney Instagram Wall: Popsicle Wall at Toy Story Land!

The new Disney Instagram Wall: Popsicle Wall at Toy Story Land! Photo: Brini Vigil, Play, Party, Plan



4. Toy Story Land Instagram Walls: the Checkerboard Wall

Also so cute- and easy to find the Checkerboard Wall because it’s right by the Popsicle Stick Wall!

You can’t miss this brightly colored addition to Andy’s backyard: the red and black Checkerboard Wall is one that pops with color and fun.


toys story land instagram walls checkerboard wall


Look, I know it might seem silly to get excited about the walls, but it’s a fun way to bond with your teens and tweens at Disney. My daughter kept asking me to take wall photos of her when she was here this week and I got major mom cool points when I knew exactly which ones to take her to.

And these days, I need all the help being a cool mom I can get!


Disney Instagram Walls the Bubblegum Wall in Epcot


Need more Disney Instagram Wall photo ops? I’ve got them covered for you!

Check out this guide to Disney Instagram Walls – Disneyland walls are in there as well. There are some adorable walls happening on the west coast (and Pixar Pier just opened up with a crop of new ones0 I’ll update with those soon!).


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