American Housewife Partners With TaskRabbit = Break for Moms!

This is something I can get behind! ABC’s “American Housewife” partners with TaskRabbit to give a break to some lucky moms out there!


I just started watching this show- literally last night on Hulu- and it’s laugh out loud funny.

Confession: Katie is soooo me.

I can’t wait to catch up and watch the season 2 premiere tonight!



American Housewife


ABC’s hit comedy “American Housewife” is partnering with TaskRabbit, an on-demand work platform which connects clients with skilled Taskers to handle everyday home-service needs, to give moms out there a break.

Here’s where it gets good:

A select amount of “American Housewife” viewers will receive $50 in promo credit to be used on the TaskRabbit platform.

Sounds fun, right?

Check out the video below to learn more and find out how you can get in on this action!



The Season Two premiere of “American Housewife,” entitled “Back to School,” airs on a new day and new time

on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 (9:30/8:30c) on The ABC Television Network.

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