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And Just Like That… Quotes From The Sex In The City Reboot

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Sex In The City has returned with a new chapter on HBO Max. Charlotte, Miranda and Carrie (without Samantha) are navigating life as 50-something BFFs. Here are some of the best And Just Like That quotes from The Sex In The City Reboot. ps- don’t forget to check out the And Just Like That Memes as well!

About And Just Like That

The Max Original AND JUST LIKE THAT…, the new chapter of the groundbreaking HBO series “Sex and the City,” follows “Carrie” (Sarah Jessica Parker), “Miranda” (Cynthia Nixon) and “Charlotte” (Kristin Davis) as they navigate the journey from the complicated reality of life and friendship in their 30s to the even more complicated reality of life and friendship in their 50s.

You can watch the And Just Like That trailer here.

and just like that quotes from sex in the city reboot

And Just Like That Quotes That Will Have You Reaching For a Cosmo

Mild spoilers in these quotes! Don’t read until you’ve watched the first episodes of the Sex in the City reboot, And Just Like That…

  • Remember when we had to legally stand 6 feet apart from one another? – Carrie
    Yeah. I miss it. – Miranda
  • And where’s the 4th Musketeer? Where’s Samantha? – Bitsy
  • Remember when we couldn’t air kiss hello or goodbye? – Miranda
    Yes, I miss it. – Carrie
  • Now that is seeing the condom as half full. – Carrie
  • I am not pretending to be any age. I am 55. – Charlotte And Just Like That quotes
    What, you want a medal? – Carrie
    Yes! Yes I do. Can I get a medal? – Charlotte
and just like that quotes
  • I mean, we can’t just stay who we were, right? – Miranda
  • Wow. Instagram. Podcast. I guess you’re passing as younger too. – Miranda
  • Oh my god, who ordered the french fries?- Lisa
    I’d have to know you a lot longer before I confessed to that. – Carrie
  • Look, I understand that she was upset but I thought I was more to her than an ATM. – Carrie
  • I remember when you kept your sweaters in the stove. – Big
    I remember when your hair was black. – Carrie
  • Oh don’t worry about me- I’ll be spending the night at home. With Allegra. – Big
    Oh, her again. – Carrie
  • Aw, you love shout-outs! – Carrie
  • I mean, do I look like someone who attaches any significance to hair? I let mine go grey and I don’t care that it makes me look old. – Miranda
  • I am Che Diaz, your host. And queer, nonbinary, Mexican Irish diva representing everyone else outside these two boring genders. – Che
  • Let’s figure some sh!t out. – Che
  • What’s Barneys?-
    Okay, now that’s offensive. – Carrie
  • I say this with love, you better step your p@ssy up. – Che
  • Hmmm… hello, lovers. – Carrie
carrie bradshaw blue wedding shoes. hello lover quote from and just like that
  • Those blue shoes are the whole ballgame. – Mr. Big And Just Like That quotes
  • I’m just looking at you. – Big
  • All right, tell that wh@re Allegra I said bye. – Carrie
  • What was all that? – Carrie
    Us on a good night. – Stanford
  • Well, we can’t stay who we were, right? – Carrie
  • Oh sure, I love some good purse wine. – Carrie And Just Like That quotes
  • Ah, all right, he don’t got this. – Herbert
  • My soul just left my body. – Herbert
  • Pass. – Herbert
    Don’t you want to know what it is? – Lisa
    Is it alcoholic in nature? Then pass. – Herbert
  • Oh go, I had one made after our last fight. – Stanford
big and carrie from and just like that
  • And just like that… – Carrie
  • What do I do now? No, I meant me. What do I do now? – Carrie
  • We got so lucky. -Anthony
    So so so lucky. – Stanford
  • Jane, its not you. Its me. – Carrie
  • I just had to say something!- Miranda
    Did you?- Nya
  • This isn’t To Kill a Mockingbird I dont need a white lawyer to save me. – Nya
  • It wasn’t the bike, Steve. He was on that bike for over 1000 rides. – Miranda
  • Why do you think you keep trying to make this about the bike? -Miranda
quotes from And Just Like That

More Sex In The City And Just Like That Quotes

  • Thank god for these lesbians. – Carrie
  • She’s kinda our Jackie Kennedy. – Stanford
    Maybe don’t say that to her. – Anthony
    Oh I already did. – Stanford
    Uhhuh. – Anthony
  • Good. It feels good, right? It means a lot. – Charlotte
  • I used to be a bouncer at a dyke bike club. – Che
  • Life is too short to hold a grudge. -Susan Sharon
  • I love you. I’m back. The End. – Susan Sharon
  • What happened between you two? – Miranda
    I have no idea. I was hoping you did. – Carrie
and just like that quotes from sex in the city
  • She’s not even cryin’ – Steve
    Yeah, but is that a good thing? – Miranda And Just Like That quotes
  • Maybe I should kill myself so you can try crack? – Miranda
  • Ah, Che as in the first three letters of Cheryl.Yeah, I dropped the r-y-l. I mean, do I seem like a Cheryl? – Che
  • I’m telling you, a Kindle would not have had the same impact. – Miranda
  • Great, now I’m that neighbor. – Carrie
  • What is with the white designer hoodie on the old coot neighbor? – Stanford
    And that is why I’d call Stanford instead of you. – Carrie
  • And just like that, I learned how long 5 hours can be. – Carrie Bradshaw And Just Like That quotes

  • I’m thinking I may even eat today. – Carrie
  • Oh I was a host back in the gogo cocaine 80s. – Stanford
  • Wasn’t I doing well before this?- Carrie
    Yes you were. – Miranda
    Remarkably well. -Charlotte
    I was very impressed. -Stanford
  • I mean, I was doing the podcast, I was washing my hair, I mean, yes, I wasn’t eating or sleeping but at least I felt good about my marriage. And now I’m just one of the wives he was taking care of. – Carrie
  • He was with you first, so really, she cheated on you before you cheated on her. – Charlotte
    God, you’re a good friend. – Carrie
  • Big loved you. You were happy. There is nothing you didn’t know. – Charlotte
  • Who’s that? -Charlotte
    Big’s Dog. -Miranda and Carrie
    Another b!tch I didn’t know. – Carrie
  • She’s wearing flats. -Charlotte
    That’s the most desperate put down I’ve ever heard. – Miranda
  • She’s in ROME! – Carrie
  • You caught her in a lie. -Charlotte
    She caught me in the truth. – Carrie
  • I’m really mad at Big. – Carrie
  • He ruined our happy-sad ending. – Carrie
  • My family loves me. They are all love and acceptance, just don’t block the f’ing game. – Che
  • I say better to be confused than to be sure. – Che

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