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April Fool’s Memes Worthy Of The Day (2023)

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There are a lot of dumb April Fools Day memes and jokes out there that, frankly, just need to be retired. The fake pregnancy, for one. Just… don’t, mkay? But if you are looking for great April Fool’s memes that are totally worthy of the day, check out the ones we’ve harvested below!

Funny april fools day memes.

What Is April Fool’s Day?

And why is it celebrated on April 1 every year?

And what do you do if you, indeed, are an April Fool and need an April Fool’s Day birthday meme?

You’ve all got the questions and we’ve got some of the answers for you!

funny april fools day memes birthday. trust no one!

Why Do We Prank Each Other On April 1?

According to National Today:

There’s no consensus on how it all began, but a popular theory is that while nowadays, January 1 is when we start the new year, this wasn’t the case before 1592.

We used a calendar called the Julian calendar – created by Julius Caesar in 45 BC – which saw every new year begin on April 1! Crazy, we know. 

Pope Gregory the 8th created a new method for keeping track of days, which was the start of the calendar we all know and love – the Gregorian calendar. When he moved the date of New Year’s Eve it obviously took some time for everyone to catch on to it.

Those who were a bit behind the times still celebrated on April 1 and were considered fools for doing so.

Let’s get on to the April Fool’s Day Memes!


April Fool’s Memes

april fools day memes will ferrell
april fools memes futurama
april fools day the office meme
april fools memes fire dog
canceled april fools memes
april fools day memes keanu

More April Fool’s Day Memes You’ll Love

april fools memes sad pablo
cant be tricked april fools day memes
april fools meme donkey
picard april fools meme
Who’s gonna tell him?

Happy Birthday April Fool’s Day Memes

If you were born on April 1: we’re so so sorrry. This ranks up there with Christmas birthdays, we know.

Also… were you though? Reallllyyyy? We can’t help but be skeptical!

Happy Birthday, April Fool!

april fools day birthday memes facebook
april fools birthday memes
april fools birthday memes dinosaur
am I a joke birthday april fools day meme

More Memes You’ll Love 

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