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Here we go! The end of April means we are giving some thought to the month of running.

Share with us your thoughts on how April looked on the road.

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April in Review

I know I’m a broken record, but…

There wasn’t a ton of running this month either.

Though it was more than March and February, so hey, that’s saying something, right? Apparently, I’m going to baby step my way back into this thing.

I enjoyed the 5K I ran in DC as my first race. Even though there were a few issues with it. You can check out the recap here if you missed it.

And running past the cherry blossoms one last time made me super happy.

Since then? I’ve been out a few times for a mile here, two miles there. Nothing more than that.

And there’s been a lot of walking. Spring Break was spent walking all over DC. I think we put a minimum of 6 or 7 miles a day on the legs, and I was not going back out to run after dealing with Spring Break crowds and kids all day!

I also had some special time with my girls. My daughters have asked for walks after school together recently, so my time was spent with them rather than solo on the run.

It’s been nice; the weather has been pretty and the girls have been chatty.

I’m not complaining about that part.

But I am ready to run. Look out, May, it’s happening.

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  • Sometimes long walks with good conversations are even better than solo runs! I had lots of walks this month too and less runs.

    I think you will enjoy May running on the East Coast! It’s beautiful and the weather should be more enjoyable for you than in Arizona!

  • Sounds like you’ve had a lovely and active month, even if you didn’t get much running. Glad you guys are enjoying the DC area.

  • Sometimes its nice to take a break from all the running and just walk! Especially when the weather is nice. I hope you can get to running how you want in May!

  • I think baby stepping back into it is wise. And anytime the kiddos WANT to be with you is precious!

  • Marcia says:

    You know, running takes on many forms and sizes. A mile or 2 here and there is perfectly legit. I feel sort of weird for not racing yet this year but at the same time that feels “right” for me. I need to put DC Cherry Blossom time on my bucket list. I love that your girls wanna walk with you. Priceless.

  • I think walking is a great back up plan! Enjoy those walks with your girls. The time goes way too fast.

  • melissa says:

    Isn’t it crazy that May is nearly here? I’m not ready – May is my half marathon month!
    Walking is a GREAT way for you to get back at it. Especially since you can walk with your family – that’s great your girls enjoy joining you! My lil guy is only 10 months, but it’s crazy how fast they grow up.

  • Walking with the kids is great and we can never get that time back so enjoy it! Good luck in May- sounds like you are ready!

  • vicki says:

    Sounds like a pretty good month… especially all those walks with your girls #priceless!

  • Yes, I would say walking with your girls definitely trumps running solo. No argument. I love the cherry blossom pic with the Washington monument 😉

  • Lesley says:

    Sounds like you had a great month. Taking a break from running can be good because at least I’ve learned how much I want to get back to running, but a break was needed. I’m excited for my 10k next month, but I’m also looking forward to taking a break.

  • Laura Bowers says:

    Just read your 5k recap and now I regret not attempting to downgrade my 10-Miler registration to the 5k! It looked like a gorgeous run. Hope to either of them one year! And yes, walking with your babies is always better. Enjoy!

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