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Awesome Con DC Review

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Last month I attended Awesome DC and wore my Ant-Man Baskin Robbins cosplay. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from Awesome Con 2019, when tickets go on sale and my 2018 Awesome Con review.

I love my superheroes and I love the people who also love them. Which is why I adore going to Cons- this is where my people are!

Attending Cons can be intimidating if you’re new to them, but don’t let that stop you from going for it! If you have a geek bone in your body, you will have a fabulous time at one of these incredible events.

Awesome-Con DC happened last month and I attended with media tickets. It was pretty cool and three days filled with panels, autograph sessions, and incredible cosplay.


awesome con review 2018


Where Is Awesome Con DC?

It all went down at the?Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. Parking was my only issue with the location, but hey, it’s DC. Parking is always an issue!

It was a great location, but a little confusing as to where everything was located. There was a lot of go up the escalator to go down again to get where you needed to be. Overall not a huge issue, though!

When is Awesome Con 2019?

Next year Awesome Con 2019 will be just a little later in the year. Which I think makes sense- this year Sunday events fell on Easter Sunday and it was not the best day to head into the city. So we’ll be there at the end of April for all the fun!

Awesome Con 2019 dates for the DC area are April 26-28, 2019.

When Do Tickets for Awesome Con 2019 go on sale?

This week! Yes- that’s right: they go on sale this week for the 2019 event. You can buy Awesome Con tickets here.

Early sales start on Thursday, April 26, 2019, at 12 noon ET. Buy early, lock in the best prices, and if you are interested in VIP seating (more in a minute) you’ll want to go ahead and start your 2019 Awesome Con experience this week!

Who Was at Awesome Con?

Besides me? Ha! Of course, I was just one of many fans enjoying the various fandoms represented. There were all kinds of stars from many genres represented, which made this a con with a little something for everyone.

The usual types of fandoms were represented: comics books, movies, television shows (past and present). We were there for the Marvel folks (Dave Bautista, Michael Rooker, Sean Gunn) and Boy Meets World (Rider Strong, Ben Savage, Will Friedle) as well.

Tania had to get an autograph with Rider because she’s a big Shawn fan-girl.


Rider Strong from Boy Meets World and fan at Awesome Con autograph session

Rider Strong from Boy Meets World and fan at Awesome Con autograph session


We made sure to show up early enough to line up for good seats for the Boy Meets World Panel as well. We scored aisle seats about 6 rows back. Showing up early pays off!

The panel was so much fun, too. All three guys seemed to really enjoy each other’s company which is fun to watch!

We stuck around for the Awesome Con Michael Rooker panel that followed and what a whirlwind of a guy. We were laughing the entire time he presented- which was really just one big Q&A session as he worked the room.



Tania was the first to ask a question during his panel and his answer did not disappoint. Yondu- we miss you.

PS- friends who go to his panels in the future: we hear he doesn’t like the “what’s your favorite…” questions. So try to come up with something a little different when you get a chance to ask him questions!



We were crushed to miss John Boyega (Finn in the new Star Wars movies) and Joonas Suotamo (Chewbacca) but heard they were fabulous on stage together.


Awesome con DC is all about the Cosplay! #cosplay #cons #geeks #nerds #costumes #washingtondc #awesomecon


The Awesome Con Cosplay

If I’m going to a con, I want to throw in a cosplay or Disneybound look! It’s part of the fun to me. I also do things on a low-key level, so if you are looking for an easy Incredibles Disneybound or Loki Disneybound, I’m your girl!

For Awesome Con, I wore my “Baskin Robbins Always Finds Out” costume that I used during an Avengers Half Marathon race. A few people got it- but most just asked me where the ice cream was.


baskin robbins always finds out Ant Man cosplay

Baskin Robbins always finds out! Ant-Man cosplay. Ice Cream scoop was NOT on the prohibited list!


I got a kick out of all the creativity on the floor! There were a ton of Deadpools and Negans, I noticed, as well as a fair share of Wonder Women this year.

Here are some of the awesome cosplays from Awesome Con.


Negan and Carl Cosplay from the Walking Dead at Awesome Con

Negan and Carl Cosplay from the Walking Dead at Awesome Con


Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay at Awesome Con- it's Mary Poppins, Y'all!

Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay at Awesome Con- it’s Mary Poppins, Y’all!


Plays with squirrels cosplay Boy Meets World

Spotted in line to get an autograph with Will Friedle: Plays with Squirrels cosplay from Boy Meets World. Amazing!!!


Awesome Con Review

Overall I give the experience at Awesome Con a big thumbs up. The staff and volunteers were amazing to work with and I loved how knowledgeable they were about the schedules.

By the way, the Volunteers are called the Brute Squad, which this Princess Bride quoting fan thought was adorable.

We cannot wait to see who is coming back to Awesome Con 2019 – we will definitely be there!

We had a blast at Awesome Con DC and I am thrilled to find a con I loved in my new hometown. If you are in the DMV, don’t miss out on the fun in 2019! You want to be at Awesome Con next April- get your tickets starting this week.


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