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Baby Yoda Merch, Buy You Will

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LucasFilm and director Jon Favreau were so serious about keeping the big reveal of The Child, aka Baby Yoda, a secret until launch that they did something unheard of for Disney and Star Wars. They (gasp) did not contract any The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda merchandise until after launch. So the search is on for The (cutest) Child in the galaxy. Here’s where you can find your Baby Yoda Merch. (Affiliate links included in this post)

Baby Yoda The Child from The Mandalorian

Baby Yoda Merch, Buy You Will

Since the meet-cute featured above at the end of The Mandalorian Chapter 1, the world has been thirsting for more Baby Yoda. 

Baby Yoda memes have taken over the internet and, really, can you blame us? 

This is one cute 50-year-old kiddo!

baby yoda merchandise: the search is on!

But the question remains: where can I get my hands on my very own Baby Yoda plush/shirt/sipper/hat (with wee Yoda ears, natch!)/etc? 

So far the answer has been distressingly sad. There wasn’t any official Baby Yoda merchandise until this week, and then when it hit, well, it was pretty lame. 

Search your feelings, you know it’s true!

But new The Child merchandise (which is apparently the official preferred name LucasFilm is going with) is starting to show up now.

Where Can You Buy Baby Yoda Merchandise?

11.26.19 ETA: Her Universe has Baby Yoda shirts now! 

Baby yoda Shirts her universe

11.25.19: they’re dropping! I’m updating the post as I find links to official merch  

You’ll find all the new Baby Yoda merch (aka The Child from The Mandalorian merchandise) at:

All stores should be stocked with apparel and some accessories in time for Christmas; others will have pre-orders for toys, plushes, etc. coming soon. 

Official The Child Merchandise From The Mandalorian

The Child First Memories Shirt- Baby Yoda Merch

The Child Cartoon Poses Baby Yoda Shirt Official


They have a few cute ones that I put together on The Child list in my Amazon shop. Take a look and tell me which one you love the most! (I think it’s the levitate one, personally) 

Some of these are pre-order only, but hey, we’ll wait for official The Child merchandise! 

The Child Pop Funko


The Child Plush Toy

But I Want Baby Yoda Merchandise NOW

Cool, I hear you. And if the official merchandise isn’t quite cutting it, you can check some other sources.

I mean, isn’t that what Etsy and Amazon and Red Bubble were made for?

Here are some of the cutest bootleg Baby Yoda items you can score now while waiting for the official merchandise to be released. Affiliate links may be used in this post.

 Baby Yoda Infant Crochet Costume

Baby Yoda Ugly Christmas Sweater

baby yoda ugly christmas sweater

photo: HaaseUnlimited

Felt Baby Yoda Doll

baby yoda felt doll on etsy


The Mandalorian Decal With The Child

mandalorian foundlings baby yoda decal

photo: EtceteraDesignsShop


Bounty Bros: The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda

baby yoda and the mandalorian

Photo: Bounty Bros.


Baby Yoda On Board Decal

Baby Yoda Knit Pattern

Photo: yankeerose


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