Beauty and the Beast Valentine Cards

February is a month known for love. And we love Beauty and the Beast around here! Here’s a few Beauty and the Beast Valentine’s cards to print and share. 

I had a small freakout this morning when I dropped the kids off at school. I saw one child walking in with a plastic bag full of Valentine cards.

CRAP. Is it that time again already? I think I can pull together some Valentine’s cards to share, but all the extras that come with it?

Oh, Lawdy.

I’m so bad at this, to no one’s surprise, I’m sure. Crafts and gifts are not my thing, no matter how much I want them to be!

My little one is begging for a craft to share with her friends this month. Got any great ideas? Send them my way!

Beauty and the Beast Valentine Cards

In honor of the live-action movie Beauty and the Beast coming in March, I searched for some fun BATB inspired Valentine cards.

There are some very funny and very inappropriate options out there. Oh, my!

But this is a family blog (ahem), so I’m going to give some cute and adorable family friendly choices instead.

These are perfect to send via email to young family members & friends across the country. Or to hit up all your Valentine’s on social media!

Beauty and the Beast Valentine Cards

Beauty and the Beast Valentine Cards

Beauty and the Beast Valentine Cards

Beauty and the Beast Valentine Cards

Don’t he know it!

Errr… kinda.

Faith did outgun him one time!

He did not see that one coming. Ha!

Beauty and the Beast Valentine Cards

Hope you will Be Our Guest and download some of these.

If I don’t get my act together before next week, my kiddo may get some of these printed out for class!

Don’t forget to head to the theaters on March 17, 2017!

beauty and the beast emma watson valentine cards


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