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Best Children’s Audio Books For On the Road

With Spring Break and summer around the corner, Road Trip season is here! If you’re looking for ways to survive the road trip with kids, try this brilliant road trip hack by downloading the Best Children’s Audio Books For On the Road. We love “reading” during those long road trips with the family. 


The one thing that was a deal breaker for my minivan was a DVD player.  I knew we planned on taking a lot of road trips and I knew the DVD player was a necessity.

I also said that I would NEVER let my kids watch TV in the car when we were just running errands.  We all know how well those “NEVER”s work out, don’t we?!

Anyways – while I do love having the DVD player, I want to have some other options for my kids than watching Trolls for the 1,324,329th time.

And if you’re looking for tips for road trips with teens & tweens, we have that covered too!


best children's audio books for road trips!


Best Children’s Audio Books For On the Road

Something that I have grown to love over the past year is my Audible account.  I got the subscription when I started training for my first marathon, and have never looked back.  I do love to read, but rarely have the time to read, and this is perfect.  I listen to books while I run, and while I drive…  so why couldn’t we do the same on a family road trip?

Here’s a list of ten of the best children’s audio books recommended by Audible for kids under the age of 4. I’ve broken it up into two lists: Long Stories and Short Stories! Affiliate links are included in this post.


Best children's audio books for road trips: here are 10 audible suggestions for your family vacation! Filed under road trip hacks by moms who know! #roadtrip #roadtriptips #travelhacks #travelwithkids


Best Children’s Audio Books Longer Stories for our Bigger Kids

Children’s Favorites, Vol. 2: Princess Bedtime Stories & Princess Adventure Stories

Written by: Disney Press

Narrated by: Cassandra Morris

Length: 4 hrs and 32 mins

Princess Bedtime Stories

Snuggle up with Ariel, Cinderella, Tiana, and all your favorite princesses with this charming collection. Help Cinderella and the mice search for a sparkly ring. Dance the night away at Aurora’s party. Drift to sleep as Tiana wishes on an evening star. Nineteen enchanting tales await to send you off to a dreamland of happily ever after.

Princess Adventure Stories

Little girls love empowered princess role models, and this new addition to the best-selling storybook collection series is filled with 17 tales of adventure and bravery starring the Disney Princesses. From Belle and Ariel to Rapunzel and Tiana, the princesses show their courageous spirits as they go on quests and take on challenges.



Written by: A. A. Milne

Narrated by: Stephen Fry, Judi Dench, Michael Williams

Length: 2 hrs and 4 mins

“Pooh Goes Visiting” and other stories:

  • Story 1, in which we are introduced
  • Story 2, in which Pooh goes visiting and gets into a tight place
  • Story 3, in which Pooh and Piglet go hunting and nearly catch a Woozle
  • Story 4, in which Eeyore loses a tail and Pooh finds one
  • Story 5, in which Piglet is entirely surrounded by water
  • Story 6, in which Christopher Robin gives a Pooh Party, and we say good-bye

“Piglet Meets a Heffalump” and other stories:

  • Story 1, in which Piglet meets a Heffalump
  • Story 2, in which Eeyore has a birthday and gets two presents
  • Story 3, in which Kanga and Baby Roo come to the forest and Piglet has a bath
  • Story 4, in which Christopher Robin leads an exploration to the North Pole


Audrey Hepburn’s Enchanted Tales

Written by: Mary Sheldon – adapter

Narrated by: Audrey Hepburn

Length: 1 hr and 5 mins

Audrey Hepburn’s narration brings to life four entertaining fairytales for children and adults alike. Included here are “The Sleeping Princess”, “Tom Thumb”, “Laideronette, Empress of the Pagodas”, and “Beauty and the Beast”, charming stories that demonstrate the power of unselfish devotion and courage and the triumph of true love. This Grammy Award-winning performance by the late film legend features not only sound effects and music from Maurice Ravel’s “Mother Goose Suite” spread liberally throughout the hour, but also a background story of the composer Ravel telling these tales to two young children, as remembered by one child when she was an elderly lady, all delivered in Audrey Hepburn’s uniquely cultured style.


Once upon a Time: Favourite Fairy Tales

Written by: Mike Bennett, Tim Firth

Narrated by: Rik Mayall, Tony Robinson, Andy Crane, Anita Harris, Lenny Henry, Emma Forbes, Bobby Davro

Length: 2 hrs and 59 mins

Delight in a collection of the world’s favorite children’s stories voiced by our favorite celebrities.

From a fantastic edition of Beauty and the Beast read by the brilliant comedian, writer, and actor Rik Mayall to the incredibly captivating Rapunzel told by the renown Bobby Davro and many, many more…

This collection includes:

  • Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Sinbad the Sailor (Rik Mayall)
  • Cinderella (Tony Robinson)
  • Billy Goats Gruff (Andy Crane)
  • Snow White, The Emperor’s New Clothes (Anita Harris)
  • Sleeping Beauty (Lenny Henry)
  • The Princess and the Pea (Emma Forbes)
  • Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel (Bobby Davro)
  • Puss in Boots, The Pied Piper of Hamelin, The Frog Prince, The Elves and the Shoemaker (Brenda & Robin Markwell)



Children of the Noisy Village

Written by: Astrid Lindgren

Narrated by: Catherine Byers

Length: 2 hrs and 14 mins

A charming story about the everyday life of six Swedish children living on the three neighboring farms that everybody calls “noisy village” because of its “high spirits”. This simple tale, which could be perfect for bedtime listening, conveys valuable wisdom along with a great deal of humor.


Best Children’s Audio Books Shorter Stories for the shorter kiddos

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Written by: Julia Rawlinson

Narrated by: Katherine Kellgren

Length: 14 mins

It is autumn and Fletcher is worried because his favorite tree is losing its leaves. He wants to help but when the last leaf falls, he feels he has let down a friend… until winter arrives and his tree is transformed.




Written by: Kevin Henkes

Narrated by: Meryl Streep

Length: 13 mins

She was a perfect baby, and she had a perfect name. Chrysanthemum. When she was old enough to appreciate it, Chrysanthemum loved her name. And then she started school. “I’m named after my grandmother,” said Victoria. “You’re named after a flower.” Chrysanthemum wilted. Life at school didn’t improve. In fact, it got worse. Then the students were introduced to their music teacher, Mrs. Twinkle. Mrs. Delphinium Twinkle. And suddenly, Chrysanthemum blossomed…




Frog and Toad All Year

Written by: Arnold Lobel

Narrated by: Arnold Lobel

Length: 20 mins

In winter, spring, summer, and fall, Frog and Toad are always together. Here is a wise and wonderful story for each season of the year – and one for Christmas, too.





The Story of Ferdinand

Written by: Munro Leaf

Narrated by: Brian Amador

Length: 19 mins

With music and sound effects, this audiobook is perfect for those who love Ferdinand and those who have yet to meet him.

A true classic with a timeless message, The Story of Ferdinand has enchanted readers since it was first published in 1936.

All the other bulls would run and jump and butt their heads together. But Ferdinand would rather sit and smell the flowers. And he does just that until the day a bumblebee and some men from the Madrid bullfights give gentle Ferdinand a chance to be the most ferocious star of the corrida – and the most unexpected comic hero.



Giraffes Can’t Dance

Written by: Giles Andreae

Narrated by: Billy Dee Williams

Length: 6 mins

Gerald the giraffe longs to dance, but his legs are too skinny and his neck is too long. At the Jungle Dance, the warthogs’ waltz, the chimps cha-cha, and the lions tango. “Giraffes can’t dance,” they all jeer when it’s Gerald’s turn to prance. But with some sound advice from a wise cricket, Gerald starts swaying to his own sweet tune.



Best Audio Books For Road Trips With Kids

We have a lot of these books as actual-real life-turn the page-books, too, so if your kiddos don’t get carsick you could also have them read along in the car.

Do my kids listen perfectly to them?

Absolutely not.

I’m not even sure if they’re really paying attention. However… they’re quiet!

So it’s a win.

Do you have any other stories that are good for the car?  I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!



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