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Best City I’ve Run In | Tuesdays on the Run

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Best City I’ve Run In

This won’t surprise anyone, but this was an easy answer for me. 


Ha. I know- I know, don’t @ me. I know it’s NOT a city. 

But it is located in Anaheim, and the city of Anaheim is my favorite running city so far. 


Normally this is straight into the sun. But we lucked out with the clouds!

Here’s why:

Anaheim is FLAT FLAT FLAT. And I super appreciate that when I have to suck through 13.1 miles of anything. 

Even the few overpasses we covered near Disneyland weren’t too terribly bad. 

Hey now, that’s a legitimate reason to love a city!


Cosplayers at the Avengers Half Marathon.


Anaheim also really comes out to support the Disney runners.

I can’t speak for other races (and I know, Disney used to help make the crowd support happen with some tickets for volunteering) but it sure made the miles fly by. 


The Red Hat Society at the Tinker Bell Half Marathon was always so special!



I mean, they were just fantastic!

Every year, I looked forward to the classic cars or cosplayers or dance groups that I knew I’d find on the streets of Anaheim. 

Having strangers cheer you on makes ALL the difference mentally on a long stretch, and they were much appreciated in the city of Anaheim. 



Anaheim also came out with some epic race signs for these races. 

This one?

I still laugh at the absurdity of the amount of money each mile represents. It’s funny because its true!




Also- $175. How cute were we, thinking things couldn’t get worse? 

Ahem… anywhooooo…

And of course, the number 1 reason I love Anaheim is that when I was through with the races, I was heading right over to my happy place. 

I love you, Disneyland! 



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