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Running Close to Home | Tuesdays On the Run

TOTR 2 small 300Link up with Erika Marcia and me for this week’s Tuesdays on the Run!

This week we want to hear about your best local races.

We know there is a wide variety of bloggers out there, running all over the country- heck, the world!

Tell us about running close to home and which race you’d recommend for your friends coming in from out of town. Any distance, any time of year. We’d love to know what rocks your socks about running local!

Running Close to Home

When I run close to home, it’s usually because my friends talked me into it! Even though I have random cases of wanderlust, I’m a homebody at heart. Getting into town for races takes some planning and effort on my end.

See, I live in a tiny town. It doesn’t even have a Target anymore, y’all. I know, I know, we all weep.

This place is shuttered and closed and we're never, ever getting back together. Waaaaah!

This place is shuttered and closed, and we’re never, ever getting back together. Waaaaah!

It certainly doesn’t offer a lot of racing in town.

If I want to run a race, I have to travel a bit into the “big city” of Phoenix (or maybe Tucson- not much farther) to make it happen. That means an even earlier wake up than they typically require and travel… kind of like runDisney but without the castle.

So I tend to limit my local races to ones that really appeal.

I ran a 10K this winter because I had that distance on the training schedule AND my friends were doing it AND it involved a nice jacket as the race swag.

Saving friends lives, one CPR moment at a time!

Good thing I made it- I had to save Steph!

The loot and fun: totally worth the wake-up.

I also love the Phoenix Half Marathon. It’s a big race with options for 10K, half, or full marathons on the same day and the same course.

It means the finish line is epic for everyone running and has a killer party vibe at the end.

Phoenix Half Marathon finish line food. Delish. Great course, vibe, and bling: put it on your Arizona running list if you are running all 50 States!

And the FOOD y’all is perfection. French toast or BBQ? Take your pick.  Or have both, though I don’t recommend that combo!

It falls near my birthday so I’m happy to remind myself that as I get a year older, I can still do cool things like run 13.1 miles.

I found a new one this weekend- and it’s a series! The Sunrise Series offered this great swag for running a 5K. If you run more than one, you’ll get add-on bars to go under the medal.

And I LOVE this shirt!

sunsrise series

What’s on your must-do local race schedule? Should people travel to make them happen?

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