Best of the Mickey Ears Headbands | Disney Halloween Ears Edition

You know you’re a Disney addict when your custom Mickey ears & Mickey ears headbands collection needs a whole wall to display at home. Ask me how I know- ahem. If you’re looking for a new set for your next Disney Halloween party, I’ve got a list of Mickey ears headbands for you to check out! Disney Halloween ears are found in the parks, online and custom Mickey Ears are all over Etsy. Here are a few Halloween options to check out. Affiliate links are included in this post. 


Mickey ears headbands

Just a few of my own collection of Mickey ears headbands including my favorite custom Mickey ears: the plaid ones!


I tried, I promise. I didn’t think of myself as an “ear” person.

But… here we are.

As evidence of the Mickey ears headbands above, you can see I was not successful in avoiding this trend. After I found the Rose Gold Minnie Ears and the Vintage Minnie Ears, it was all over for me!

Ah well. It is what it is!

When I’m at the Disney parks, I’m typically wearing a set of Mickey ears or have some stashed in my backpack for pictures (sadly, sometimes the headbands give me a headache!).


girls wearing Mickey ears headbands in front of the castle at Disney World

The Park and Preston Team: all in a days work! #ItsWorkISwear



Best of the Mickey Ears Headbands | Disney Halloween Ears Edition

Here’s the thing.

I have a trip to Walt Disney World coming up in about 10 days.

With the Halloween Disney Parties in full swing, I started looking for cute outfits and realized… I didn’t have anything Halloween ear appropriate to celebrate.

Nothing Fall or Food & Wine or Disney Halloween Party appropriate.


Obviously, this will be remedied on the next trip. But until then, come shop with me for some ideas!


Minnie Mouse Ears


Best Disney Parks Mickey Ears Headbands for Halloween


Disney Parks Halloween Mickey Ears Headbands

Photo: Tammy Graham


So let’s get the important information out of the way first.


Where can you buy Disney Halloween ears?

Pretty much anywhere in Disney World and Disneyland at this point. The shops on the Disney Cruise Line ships will also have them for purchase.

You can also purchase them online through the Shop Disney Parks app or Disney Store online.


Halloween Mickey Ears Headbands: Candy Corn Minnie ears


How much are the Mickey ears headbands?

Most are $24.99 and you can apply discounts (AP, DVC) at most locations.


Mickey ears in Disney Parks Stores

Photo: Kelly Carson


What styles are available for Halloween in the Mickey ears headbands?

So many cute styles! I’m going to have a hard time narrowing things down from the Disney Halloween ears this year.

We’ve seen new versions of The Haunted Mansion and Nightmare Before Christmas.


Haunted Mansion Mickey ears headbands

Photo: Lori Hope Fries,


Nightmare Before Christmas Minnie Ears

Photo: Kristy Kemna Hall


Nightmare Before Christmas Top Hat Mickey Ears Headbands

Photo: Juliana Calhoun, @kingdomscastlesandmagic on Instagram



Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas Mickey EArs Headbands

Photo: Kristy Kemna Hall


Super fun- and I know there are some big Jack & Sally fans out there!

I don’t know though; if I’m going to sport a favorite Halloween-ish Disney movie, I’m going to have to pick Coco.

This movie! The music! The colors! The EARS!


Coco Mickey ears headbands

Photo: Kirsten Preslar-Harp


I absolutely swooned when I saw these Coco inspired Mickey ears headbands on Instagram.

And I knew my friend Julia would score a pair: and of course, she did.


Coco Mickey headband ears on Day of the Dead Sugar Skull

Photo: Julia Stewart @queenie11078 on Instagram


While we’re talking about Disney movie inspiration, how about Maleficent ears?

I mean, she’s pretty much the baddest villain in town- go big or go home, I say!

And there’s a sequel on the way- Maleficent II is in production now (actually, it might have wrapped by now!).


Maleficent Mickey Ears Headbands

Photo: Juliana Calhoun, @kingdomscastlesandmagic on Instagram


As for me, I’m leaning toward something a little sweeter.

The Candy Corn Mickey ears headbands are a huge hit (and sold out right now according to the Shop the Parks App- boo!)

But these are super cute and I think I might have to see about picking up a pair!


Disney Halloween ears: candy corn black Mickey ears headbands

Photo: Diane Watson, Disney Parks Moms Panelist – also @therealMrsTimberlake  😉


Candy Corn is something I never say no to, so I’m all about sporting them on my ears.

There are just so many to choose from, though!

Choice, choices.

I absolutely love the black and orange ones.


Kristi with Halloween Ears

Photo: Kristi from


orange and black halloween mickey ears headbands

Photo: Juliana Calhoun, @kingdomscastlesandmagic on Instagram


I guess I’ll just have to show up and see what speaks to me when I get there!


For Something a Little Extra: Light Up Mickey Ears

Look, I’m all about being a little extra when it comes to Disney.

And I’m thinking sporting a pair of these light up Mickey ears just might make that happen.

I’d even consider wearing a pair of these for one of the runDisney races (a short one- again, my head doesn’t love the ears as much as my heart does!).

But they would look cute in the dark when we start!


pumpkins light up Mickey ears for Halloween Disney Ears

Pumpkins light up Mickey ears for Halloween Disney Ears. Photo: Juliana Calhoun, @kingdomscastlesandmagic on Instagram


JAck light up Mickey ears for Halloween Disney Ears

Jack light up Mickey ears for Halloween Disney Ears. Photo: Juliana Calhoun, @kingdomscastlesandmagic on Instagram


I think the first light up Mickey ears I saw were the Star Wars ones- and they are super cool!

You can score those in Hollywood Studios and if your Halloween costume is Star Wars related, this is my vote to make it a little over the top and EXTRA.

Look, if you can’t be a little extra at Disney World, then I think you might be doing Disney wrong. Just sayin’!


Disney Halloween Ears: Custom Mickey Ears

Alright, so that’s what you can find in the parks. But what if your dream Disney Halloween ears are not to be found in the Disney Parks?

My friends, that’s what Etsy and DIY Tutorials are for!

Here are a few favorites from Etsy (affiliate links to follow).


Vampirina Custom Mickey Ears


vampirina ears


My daughter is a HUGE Vampirina fan- she basically had a Vampirina toys Christmas last year. We’re batty for Vee!

These would be a hit for her.

You can pick them up on Etsy here.


Witch Minnie and Vampire Mickey Custom Made Mickey Ears


Halloween Mickey Ears from Etsy

Custom Mickey Ears from Pixie Made Ears. Photo: Ivie Hasegawa @ivieanne on Instagram

Um… adorable.

You can get these on Etsy here.


Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Custom Mickey Ears

I cannot stand the cuteness here. I mean…

These custom Mickey ears are probably my favorites in the Halloween Mickey Ears category.


MNSSHP Custom Mickey Ears

MNSSHP Custom Mickey Ears Photo: DiamondAndWire on Etsy


Snag your pair here.


Halloween DIY Custom Disney Ears

There are so many cute ways to create custom Disney ears. I am not as talented as some of my friends, but… what are friends for, right?

(That’s my not-so-subtle hint for anyone who might happen to want to make me a pair. I mean, I’m open to the idea. Ha!)


Adorable Fall DIY Custom Disney ears

Adorable Fall DIY Custom Disney ears created by Kaitlyn Hipple.


My friend Jane, who runs her own shop called Wish Cricket (please check her out if you are looking for awesome Disney gear!) is one of these crazy talented peeps.

I ADORE what she did here. And no, these aren’t for sale but maybe we should all beg her a little. #sorrynotsorry


Villains Custom Mickey Ears DIY

Photo: Jane Mayo, @shopwishcricket on Instagram


Guys, even kids can show off their Disney side with DIY custom Mickey ears.

And fall gives them all kinds ways to make their ears their own!

I love these so much!


custom mickey ears DIY

photo: Jana Seitzer @whiskynsunshine on Instagram


Hopefully those can give you a bit of inspiration if you are looking to make your own.


A few favorites from the blogosphere of the DIY Mickey Ears 

You can also check out these custom Mickey ears tutorials from some of my favorite crafty-type blogger friends.

As the Bunny Hops: DIY Maleficent Headband

JaMonkey: DIY Groot Minnie Mouse Ears

This Fairy Tale Life: DIY Spiderweb Mickey Ears


Best of Both Worlds: DIY AT Disney World

I just saw this on Twitter and thought it was a pretty near idea.

You want custom Mickey ears? But you’re already at Disney World?

Plan a resort day, hope over the the Boardwalk Inn, and chat the concierge up about the DIY Fall Ears sessions running through September.


Boardwalk DIY Ears Twitter



Boardwalk DIY Ears Twitter


It appears there is a charge to this session, but Disney isn’t letting us know on Twitter just how much it will cost.

If anyone is at the Boardwalk, I’d love to know so send me a message!

How cute are these, though? I love that pumpkin in the middle! It’s a perfectly Cinderella approved touch.


Disney World DIY Fall Mickey Ears Headband

Photo: Disney World Today on Twitter


Obviously, my search for Hallowen Mickey ears is going to be a success. There are so many options to choose from though!

And I actually have 2 fall trips planned, so you know, I could stand to pick up an extra set of ears. Wut. You know you would too.

Looks like the Mickey ears headbands on my wall will be getting some more company next week- I’ll keep you posted on what I end up with!


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