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20 of the Best Podcasts To Listen To While Working Out

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Fun fact about me: I get bored, really, really easily. I fall into the category of people who feels the need to multitask and keep my mind busy when doing tedious tasks. And real talk here: working out and running fall into that category for me. To combat boredorm, I’ve found another way to keep my mind active which helps keep my body moving. Here are 20 of the best podcasts to listen to while working out. ps- If you’re looking for the best Disney podcast list, I’ve got that for you as well! 

headphones and phone

Does this sound familiar? 

You grab your headphones, you grab your phone, and you hit up the same ol’ playlist you’ve been running to for years. 

And about 2.3 songs in, you are bored. Completely, totally, mind-numb and bored. 

Yet, those miles aren’t going to run themselves.

I know this isn’t just me- I know you guys are out there who have the same issues with staying focused and into the movements and workouts every day. Sometimes music just doesn’t do it for me!

woman running with headphones listening to best podcasts while working out

So what can you do to fight boredom while running

I’ve been turning to podcasts lately and here are 20 of the best podcasts to listen to while working out. 

What’s a Podcast And Why Do I Want To Listen To Them? 

For me, a podcast can best be summed up as easily consumable entertainment. It’s audio and doesn’t require any actions on my part (other than making sure I give those 5-star ratings when appropriate!). 

Plus it’s a portable form of entertainment. I can take a podcast with me in the car, to the grocery store, on the airplane, all over my house while I’m cleaning, out on the trail during a run, or even in the gym. 

Download an episode and just GO.

This all definitely appeals to me. 

best podcasts to listen to when working out

What Kind of Podcasts Can You Listen To While Working Out?

Honestly, there’s a podcast about everything and for everyone. I haven’t searched for a topic and struck out yet!

There’s self-help, society and culture, comedy, sports and recreation, politics, and business. And pretty much everything else you can think of!

Personally, I love easy entertainment so I love to listen to pop culture/entertainment, Disney content, and true crime. 

Here’s a list of some of the best podcasts to listen to while you run or workout. 

running and podcast listening

20 of the Best Podcasts To Listen To While Working Out

So, choosing the “best podcast” is extremely subjective. Something that I love- you may hate. But since you’re reading this post, maybe we have some things in common? If not, there’s still something in here for everyone or at least a place to start!

Plus you can easily take a look at the ones that are highest on the charts (which means they are most popular) if none of these appeal to you. 

But I put together this list of my best podcasts to listen to while running. And for the record, if I’m running while listening to a true crime podcast: I run faster!

If you have someone you think I should add to the list, be sure to leave me a comment and I’ll check them out.

  1. No-Guilt Disney Podcast
  2. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations (I mean… she’s her own category, right?)
  3. Joyful Miles (for the runDisney peeps)
  4. S*Town (true crime)
  5. /Film Daily (TV and movies)
  6. Dirty John (true crime)
  7. Disney Deciphered (Disney travel tips)
  8. My Dad Wrote a Porno (comedy- hilarious, but yeah, not for kids!)
  9. Serial (true crime)
  10. Ali On the Run Show (running)
    best podcast to listen to when running ali on the run show
  11. I’m Obsessed With This (TV and movies)
  12. Pop Culture Happy Hour (TV and movies)
  13. Small Town Dicks (true crime)
  14. Inside (insert movie title here) from Wondery. Inside Psycho, Inside Jaws, Inside Star Wars, Inside The Exorcist, etc. (movies)
  15. Coffee With Kenobi (Star Wars)
  16. Another Mother Runner (running)
  17. Lovett or Leave It (political)
  18. 300 Pounds and Running (running- great for the back of the packers!)
  19. The Way I Heard It With Mike Rowe (history)
  20. The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast (Pop Culture, TV and Entertainment- and, oh, it’s ME!)

best podcasts to listen to when running no guilt fangirls podcast

Yeah, I know. But I had to add it to the list of podcasts to listen to while you run just in case you hadn’t heard about this new venture!

Pop Culture? TV? Movies? Yup- whatever is trending on Twitter is what we’re obsessing over on the podcast. We’d love to have you join us- so come fangirl with us on the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast. 

Think light & fun entertainment discussions hosted by yours truly! 


You can subscribe on your favorite podcast player:

Who else do you love to listen to your favorite podcast?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.