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Best Quotes From Never Have I Ever On Netflix

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Netflix marathons are pretty much the only sport we’re participating in right now. And the most recent binge at our house was Never Have I Ever on Netflix. It’s the story about an Indian-American teen working through grief and the typical teen dramas all at once (Never Have I Ever parent guide). Written by one of my faves, Mindy Kaling, this show had some killer lines. Here are the best quotes from Never Have I Ever Season 1, 2 and 3 on Netflix. ps- check out the Space Jam 2 quotes and Free Guy Movie Quotes as well!

devi quotes from Never Have I Ever on Netflix

Starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi, Never Have I Ever offers refreshing insight to the teen dramas that plague the high school years. 

Your teens probably want to watch this one: before they do, check out this parent guide to Never Have I Ever to decide if this one is safe for kids. 

What’s Never Have I Ever About?

Never Have I Ever is a new coming-of-age comedy about the complicated life of a modern-day first-generation Indian American teenage girl.

The series stars newcomer, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi, an overachieving high school sophomore who has a short fuse that gets her into difficult situations.

Rated: TV-14

On Netflix

Best Quotes From Never Have I Ever on Netflix

1. Take your Dew and go. – Nalini

2. One day, you will walk again. If not, I will build you legs. -Fabiola 

3. Whoa Devi, you look like an Indian Kardashian! – Fabiola

4. Not gonna happen, Sharon. Ya basic. – Eleanor

quotes from Never have I Ever on Netflix

5. I’m going to the movies with my friends. Which pair of jeans is the fiercest? – Rebecca

6. Uh, would a not cool person wear… one dangly earring? – Eleanor

7. We are smart. And idiots are banging all the time. We can learn how to do it, too. 

8. This is Ben Gross. He’s a 15-year old boy from Sherman Oaks, California. And I am American actor, producer, writer, fake rapper: Andy Samberg. What can I say? I wear a lot of hats. – Andy Samberg

9. Damn- is this kid on HGH? – Doctor Ryan

never have I ever quotes from Netflix

10. Maybe if it were a Lakers game but my followers don’t want to see Billy Crystal eating nachos or whatever. –Shira

11. Have you considered that falling apart might be the thing to bring your family back together? –Dr. Ryan

12. I could never be a model. I’m too curvacious. -Kamala

13. Whoa, knock it off wanna be pill popper. – Dr. Ryan

14. Girl, Bye. – Dr. Ryan

15. I do not like high fiving, it’s too violent. – Mom

16. Normal teenagers end up in prison, or worse, working in Jersey Mike’s. – Nalini

paxton and devi never have I ever quotes on netflix

Devi’s Best Quotes From Never Have I Ever Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3

Hey gods, it’s Devi Vishwakumar, your favorite Hindu girl in the San Fernando Valley. What’s a-poppin’? – Devi

If women didn’t accept each other’s apologies, The View would grind to a halt. -Devi

Peace out virgin. –Devi

No cocaine for me, thanks. I’m good. -Devi

I’m a godd#$% delight! I should punch you in the Adam’s Apple for saying that. – Devi

best quotes from never have I ever netflix

I don’t negotiate with terrorists, Ben. And honestly, I’m mature enough to be on my own. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna Google how to buy a credit card. – Devi

I’m not Marie Kondo-ing members of this family for your dumb India move. –Devi

You know, I would’ve run away earlier if I’d known I’d get to use a bathroom with a TV in it. -Devi

Winning over old-ass teacher types is my superpower. – Devi

never have I ever season 2 quotes

Quotes From Never Have I Ever Season 2

I’m pretty sure PE credits don’t transfer to India, so what am I exercising for? – Devi

Don’t be so tough on Eleanor- women should be supporting women, what else are we marching for?

We’re throwing a classic, sloppy teenage rager! – Devi

Are you trying to set me up with a skeleton?

Everyone here has a gun and a juicer. – Kamala

You really Devi’d this one up. – Eleanor

You a baddie, Fab. -Sash

I’m really trying to be mature, Kamala, but it’s so hard! – Devi


Best John McEnroe Quotes From Never Have I Ever Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3

  • Now you may be asking yourself why is sports icon John McEnroe narrating this tale? It’ll make sense later I promise. – John McEnroe
  • Hey, look at that, it me! I told you it made sense. – John McEnroe
  • Well, this certainly wasn’t the walk of shame Devi was hoping for. –John McEnroe
  • Aunties are older Indian women who have no blood relation to you but are allowed to have opinions about your life and all your shortcoming and you have to be nice to them because you’re Indian. –John McEnroe
  • I know yielding the chair doesn’t sound exciting to cool jocks like you or me, but that was the model UN equivalent of me throwing my racket at an umpire. –John McEnroe
  • Hey, I don’t know what any of this means. That was like an insult, but ended with some flirty touching? In my day, if you liked someone you pointed to them in the stands, and they threw their bra at you. – John McEnroe
  • Damn, Devi. Preethi’s sister really schooled you. Read the room. – John McEnroe
never have I ever season 2

Never Have I Ever Quotes Season 2 and Season 3

  • I don’t usually condone cheating but this nerd is playing doubles like a pro. – McEnroe
  • Unfortunately, her arrival was given the celebration of an Amazon package. – John McEnroe Never Have I Ever Quotes Season 2
  • I went to Stanford! And this kids not showing enough respect for The Tree! – John McEnroe
  • Kinda walked right into that one!
  • Like me with the 1980 Australian Open, Devi was asked to leave…
  • That’s why we hotheads do it. It’s fun to freak out. – John McEnroe quotes from Never Have I Ever Season 2
  • Someone check on hell, because it has definitely frozen over. – John McEnroe
Never Have I Ever. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi in episode 301 of Never Have I Ever. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Never Have I Ever Quotes Season 3

  • My parents definitely hate him which is exciting. -Eleanor
  • It was her dream to teach Korean women how to sculpt their butts with small, repetitive movements. -McEnroe
  • I really do trust Devi this time. – Paxton
  • Whatever man, your nuts missed me- I can tell. -Trent
  • The entire Olivia Rodrigo album would disagree with you. – Devi
  • He’s like a man- he got armpit hair in like 4th grade or something. -Zoe
  • Hey guess what- I can burp your name. Eleanor. – Trent
  • My prose is freaking lyrical. – Ben
  • Okay and we assume you’ve already called the PTA meeting. -Aneesa
    PTA meeting? Whats that? -Devi
    Pits, tits and @ss! – Eleanor and Aneesa together
  • He didn’t even get to see the G string I made with my shoelace. – Devi
  • It cuts me deep that my girl would do that. -Trent
  • Oh my g@d, thats why popular people age better. – Devi

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