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27 of the Best Sangria Recipes

I think of drinking sangria during these long, hot summer nights. But is there really a bad time to try out the best sangria recipe? I don’t think so- drinking a crisp sangria can be a year-round experience! Here are 27 of the best sangria recipe rounded up for you!


27 Best Sangria Recipes

True story about me: I haven’t met a Sangria that I haven’t loved. I’m not a big wine drinker, so it is kinda weird that I dig these sangria recipes so much!

But I do. I’m usually on board with making things a little EXTRA anyway! Ha!

So when you take a little wine and add some fruit to make it a little extra- that’s cool by me. Make that wine EXTRA, ladies!

Also: if you need me the rest of this summer, I’ll be over here sipping on a few of these cool ones.


Round up of the best sangria recipes for you! You love wine? You love fruit? You love fun? Then find the best Sangria recipe here! #sangria #drinks #alcohol #wine #sangriarecipes #partyideas



White Sangria Recipes







Red Sangria Recipe







27 best Sangria recipe for your hot summer nights!


Non-Traditional Sangria Recipes










Round up of the best sangria recipes for you! You love wine? You love fruit? You love fun? Then you'll love these Sangria recipes! #sangria #drinks #alcohol #wine #sangriarecipes #partyideas










best sangria recipe for the summer!


And if you’re mixing up any of these Sangria Recipes, I need to come over to test them out. #fortheblog of course!

I am determined to find the best sangria recipe and I’m positive it’s out there somewhere. So keep me in mind, umkay?

Do you have a favorite summer drink?


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